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The Lake|Flato Experience

What does a year at Lake|Flato do to you? Many, many things. What inspired you to intern at Lake|Flato? I did a couple case studies while I was in school on Lake|Flato projects, Government Canyon Nature Center and Livestrong Foundation. Both projects beautiful in their own setting. I was struck by the simplicity and restraint in the projects, as well as the intuitive sustainable design. It influenced much of my design values. So I decided to apply after graduating and make the journey from Phoenix to San Antonio. What market sectors / studios did you work in during your internship? I worked...
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Reflections of an Intern

Interning at Lake|Flato has been fantastic and went by all too quickly. For those who are curious about the LF intern life, I thought I would reflect on the experience. What inspired you to intern at Lake|Flato? Before I knew I wanted to pursue architecture, I had been going with my family for years to the Dallas Arboretum. Though at the time I could not really understand why, I remember how passing under that vine trellis at the entry felt like entering a new kind of world. When I began studying architecture, I learned about Lake|Flato and really loved the work and what seemed like a...
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Three New LFers

We've been busy adding to our LF family and we're excited to announce the addition of these three new LFers in time for our annual summer retreat, Flake Lato . Welcome Ana, John and Dan! Ana Ana Lozano has made a stylish return (many of us LF'ers admire her fashionable outfits) to Lake|Flato after receiving her bachelor of Architecture degree from UT Austin. Ana has two main places she hails as her hometown(s) — McAllen, Texas and Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Her favorite LF projects are still Pearl Brewery and Hotel San Jose and after working as an intern here, she added Hog Pen Creek Residence as a...
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L|F Theater - "The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces"

Wednesday evening, August 5th, Lake Flato held a showing of William Whyte's "The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces," a somewhat quirky documentary that observes people and their interactions in urban spaces, primarily in New York City. It attempts to quantify what makes urban space habitable. Although the video and accompanying research are from 1980, the lessons learned are still relevant to design discourse. What better way to end a day of work than grabbing a bowl of popcorn, a good beer, and catching a great flick. We're currently scheduling our next L|F Theater showing. Stay tuned...
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SITES Soiree

A fun celebration of the launch of the SITES v2 rating system will be taking place later this month -- Please join us in Austin if you can!
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LF is Already Missing Patrick (and even the push-ups)

Patrick is the type of person who elevates everyone around him. Not only is he a great teammate at work — extremely dependable and thorough, with enough positive energy to rub off on the whole team — but he is also just a wonderful human being. He has a sense of curiosity and adventure about all facets of life and happily shares his discoveries with everyone, getting us excited about a novel architectural product or a fantastic dark chocolate bar or a new type of push-up. And he maintains a steady, seemingly stress-free tranquility in his personality that I could only hope to emulate! I will...
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Former Intern Clay Returns to LF

Clay Cottingham, a former intern at our office, recently returned to LF as a full-time LFer! In case you have forgotten, Clay is from Panama City, Florida. He left LF to finish completing coursework for a Bachelor of Architecture from Mississippi State University. Rivercamps at Crooked Creek is his favorite LF project, with Air Barn s as a close second. Clay is currently working on the Alabama Gulf State Park Lodge project in the office, when he is not fishing, camping, hunting, or golfing in his spare time. If you ask him what he missed most about San Antonio while he was gone, Clay will...
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Sustainability: the Lake|Flato way

With three weeks left as Lake|Flato's sustainability intern, I'd like to share what I've learned about the firm and the opportunities I've had, as well as thank those of you who've contributed to my time here. With sustainability being one of the most discussed topics during my time on this planet, it has become a critical theme in architecture. Implementing a new aspect of design is a significant challenge which Lake|Flato took on years ago. Throughout my time here, I've learned about Lake|Flato's sustainability evolution and how they remain at the forefront of sustainable design. At the...
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Porch House

A few weeks ago, in anticipation of Rand Pinson's departure , we held a little in-house Porch House showcase. As someone who works in the land of 50,000+ sq ft commercial projects, it was a great opportunity for me to get a little insight into projects that are generally closer in scale to 5,000 sq ft. I learned a little history and a lot about the evolution of an idea. Porch House was started in the height of the recession, with the vision to create pre-fabricated residential homes, that could be assembled in the factory, and delivered to the site fully built. Miller Ranch, one of the first...
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LF Says Goodbye to Fearless Pedestrian Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is a fearless and surprising adventurer wrapped up in an unflappable calm and cheerful exterior. She traveled way down to Texas — site unseen — from Canada for an internship with Lake|Flato. She’d never set foot in this state before but took to this place and our wacky firm culture right away, as if our heat and humidity were second nature. She owns no car, and bicycles everywhere. She said yes when we asked her to join the Knox College Art Building design team and quickly mastered the wild ride of Construction Documents production, keeping our team insanely organized, on track and in...