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Three New LFers

We've been busy adding to our LF family and we're excited to announce the addition of these three new LFers in time for our annual summer retreat, Flake Lato. Welcome Ana, John and Dan! Ana Ana Lozano has made a stylish return (many of us LF'ers admire her fashionable outfits) to Lake|Flato after receiving her bachelor of Architecture degree from UT Austin. Ana has two main places she hails as her hometown(s) — McAllen, Texas and Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Her favorite LF projects are still Pearl Brewery and Hotel San Jose and after working as an intern here, she added Hog Pen Creek Residence as a close follow-up on her favorite project list. Right now, Ana is working on the Georgia Tech Dining Hall design. She enjoys reading, baking, photography, and adding content to her Pinterest (we're guessing her fierce fashion takes up a few boards). Otherwise, she "enjoys" the occasional jog. She's glad to be back at LF in time for Flake|Lato and glad to be back in San Antonio for "the best Mexican food north of the Rio Grande Valley!" She doesn't like to brag about it, but Ana's known to make a scrumptious Tres Leches cake. John John Schaffhauser hails from Madison, Mississippi, where he received his Bachelor of Architecture while attending Mississippi State University. His favorite LF project is the World Birding Center and he is currently assisting with the construction administration efforts on the Austin Central Library. For fun, John enjoys foxhunting, paleontology, wildlife photography, classical piano and Tex Mex food. He is so into dinosaurs, that he found a fossilized Mosasaur skeleton when he was 12 (SPOILER ALERT: a Mosasaur is the thing that eats the T. Rex mutant at the end of Jurassic World.) John has mounted some of the spine, but most of the Mosasaur's skill and flipper bones are still in a box in his closet. After watching Jurassic World, we are okay with leaving them in the box... Dan Dan Carter has a Master of Architecture and is from Branford, Connecticut. His favorite project is Mill Springs Ranch, because it is the project that led him to his discovery of Lake|Flato. Dan is currently working on urban development projects such as the Woodinville Wine Village. A true lover of the outdoors, Dan likes swimming, running, and any activity that helps wear out his dog! He spent much time engaging in country club sports such as sailing, tennis and lacrosse. Additionally, Dan enjoys cooking, finding new breweries and fishing while discovering both new and old music.In fact, he had a little-know, secret life as a B-list mashup artist in college.
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