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LF is Already Missing Patrick (and even the push-ups)

Patrick is the type of person who elevates everyone around him. Not only is he a great teammate at work — extremely dependable and thorough, with enough positive energy to rub off on the whole team — but he is also just a wonderful human being. He has a sense of curiosity and adventure about all facets of life and happily shares his discoveries with everyone, getting us excited about a novel architectural product or a fantastic dark chocolate bar or a new type of push-up. And he maintains a steady, seemingly stress-free tranquility in his personality that I could only hope to emulate! I will sincerely miss our daily team chats, snacking, and workouts, but I am thrilled that he is off to the biggest adventures yet — getting married and living away from Texas! Hopefully those adventures come full circle and we’ll all learn from them when he comes back in a few years. -- Ashley Hereen Hometown: Houston, Texas Years at LF: 3 years Favorite LF Project: Georgia Tech Engineered Biosystems Building Achilles Heel: Mediterranean Food Happiest Place: Going on an adventure, paired with returning home Memorable Book: “Manalive” by G.K. Chesterton Prized Possession: My wedding band Current Obsession: Planning my wedding in Texas, honeymoon in Norway, and move to Washington State Last Accomplishment: Finishing my Architect Registration Examinations in 7 months! Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Lake|Flato and all the great people here Fate or Chance: Free Will and Divine Grace
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