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Better Know an LF'er : Matt Morris

"Every morning without fail Mr. Morris brightens our day as he strolls through the studio and greets each of us with a smile, a “Good Morning!”  and “How are you today?” .  He is brimming with ingenious ideas, visual candy of all kinds, and dusty stories of LF days gone by. To work with Matt is to learn from a legend.  When he’s not shooting pastels around the office, he’s creating new worlds on canvas.  You’ll never meet a more humble, talented guy, and we pretty much adore him." -Laura Kaupp & Mindy Gudzinski   Hometown: Fort Worth, TX Years at LF: 20 Current Project: Walls Lake House, St. Francis School Favorite LF Project: The Carraro House in Buda, TX because it was so ground breaking for our firm. Achilles Heel: Haagen Dazs Chocolate Ice Cream Happiest Place: I don't have a singular place but several: On the beach listening to the surf; out on the desert of Big Bend listening to nothing; enjoying a nice meal with family; on a long road cycling trip east of San Antonio; lost in the world of a painting or a good book. Memorable Book: Current read is 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created by Charles C Mann. Past book that still grips my memory is Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynn. Prized Possession: This is hard. I must say there are two. The first is something I may not even possess any longer but lost or misplaced: a small arrow point made of pink quartz found with my brother on the edge of a high mountain lake in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico in 1971. The second is a small amulet or medicine bag made by a Blackfoot Indian my wife gave me during a trip to Yellowstone years ago: I put one of her childhood rings in it. Current Obsession: Oil paint, canvas and turpentine. Last Accomplishment: Finishing a small oil painting for my upcoming gallery show this month. Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Culture, food, warm climate, and cycling down Mission Road. Fate or Chance: If you don't choose your fate, you leave it to chance. I prefer the former.
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