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Book Review: Along the Way San Antonio

Along the Way: San Antonio With newer design-centric city guides being released on the shelves of bookstores, boutiques, and amazon.com, a trend of more focused tourism for the design aficionado is coming to surface. With city guides by WALLPAPER, or the EAT.SHOP series covering the typical cities like NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, etc…it will be a long time before either of these guides cover San Antonio, as we do not have the large amount of bourgeoisie shopping destinations and swank brasseries to fill a flip book for the consumer tourist. But that is something to be thankful for. In the...
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Greenbuild 2012 Highlights

Tenna, and I traveled to Toronto earlier this month for Greenbuild 2012 . Here are some highlights from our trip: Biophilic Design: The Architecture of Life was featured at the Greenbuild Film Festival. A few folks from our firm were filmed for this movie and Ted, Bob, Roy, Tenna, Bill, and I made the final cut! BuildingGreen unveiled their Top 10 Green Building Products for 2012 . A few products we have enjoyed including in our projects made the list, such as the Ritter XL solar thermal and Mitsubishi ductless heat pump systems. Bob was interviewed at the GreenSource expo hall booth as part...
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Better Know an LFer: Bob Harris

Get to know our staff, updated weekly. Hometown: Springfield, Ohio Years at LF: 17 Achilles Heel: Email Happiest Place: Evening soccer practice for 10 year-olds at Fort Sam parade grounds Memorable Book: The Lone Ranger & Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie; Sorry I have 2- Blood Meridien by Cormac McCarthy. or 3 - Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Foer Prized Possession: Guess....1983 Italian steel tube blue Basso Current Obsession: Biophilia Last Accomplishment: Made it through the Toronto airport during the TSA strike Favorite Thing about San Antonio: It's still "the" Texas...
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Interpretations from Francis Parker

The middle school students over at Francis Parker have sent us some wonderful drawings of their school - it seems the library is a popular space. And check out some of those perspectives!
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Better Know an LFer: Tenna Florian

Get to know our staff, updated weekly. Hometown: Eighter from Decatur County Seat of Wise Years at LF: 3 + 8.5 Achilles Heel: Vanilla Haagen Dazs with dark chocolate shavings Happiest Place: A clear cool evening in West Texas Memorable Book: The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera Prized Possession: Possession may be the wrong word, but the answer is Adeline West Aylor Current Obsession: Aylorian version 2.0 Last Accomplishment: Wrapping up DD drawings for the Boy Scouts project Favorite Thing about San Antonio: The small town-ness of the inner loop Fate or Chance? Chance with a...
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The McNeel Home in the Express News

The San Antonio Express-News featured Lewis and Bekah's home in Sunday's Real Estate section. The article describes their process of remodeling and commitment to living close to downtown in the historic Dignowity Hill neighborhood. Check out the article and photos of their hip pad here .
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SpongeBob CanPants Wins Major Award

Spongebob CANpants took home an honorable mention at this year's Canstruction! You can vote for Mr. CANpants in the People's Choice Award and see the other entries here .
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Carbon-Negative Concrete

Typical cement is responsible for approximately 5% of man-made carbon dioxide; the emissions are caused by the processing of limestone and raw materials and the burning of fossil fuels. Novacem 's carbon-negative cement replaces calcium carbonates used in typical cement formulation with magnesium silicates and uses a lower-temperature production process that runs on biomass fuels. Nocacem associate engineer Daniel Bowden says that while the cement is still in development, they are already achieving strengths of up to 80 Mpa. Dent says the cement was the clear winner. "If implemented, the...