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Better Know an LF'er: Melina Periera

“Melina has been a huge blessing to the office. She worked with us as a student intern for the majority of the Kinney Hotel Project, and was an indispensable addition to our team. Besides being talented, driven, and a pro at interior elevations and millwork details- she always carries a smile and adds humor to the studio. AND – she always tries to teach us Portuguese vocab, in spite of the fact that we’re awful. So you know she’s dedicated. Melina is a great addition to the firm, I am excited to watch her career grow.” -Patrick Burnham “With Melina on your team you get the benefit of a top notch problem-finder. But even better, she’s a top-notch problem-solver, so she kind of cancels herself out. Well not really. Because she’s also willing and able to tackle any random construction document task you can throw at her and do it all with a smile, with efficiency and with total accuracy. And she also keeps begging to babysit my new daughter and is already filling her ears with tons of Brazilian music. I know I can trust her babysitting services because she’s done such a great job already babysitting Patrick Burnham here at the office.” -Lewis McNeel   Hometown: São Luis, Brazil Years at LF: 2/3 Current Project: Woodinville Village Favorite LF Project: The Pearl Achilles Heel: Parmesan cheese Happiest Place: At the beach Memorable Book: Third Culture Kids Prized Possession: Friendships Current Obsession: F.L.W. and hybrid drawings Last Accomplishment: Kickball championship!! Go Sweet Angel Babies!! Favorite Thing about San Antonio: The community Fate or Chance: Fate and Choice
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