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Better Know an LFer: Introducing Eliane Maillot

We are thrilled to welcome Eliane Maillot as our new Director of Interiors! In her new role, Eliane provides leadership for Lake|Flato’s burgeoning interiors initiatives, maximizing the firm’s commitment to human wellness and design performance through projects, research, and client collaborations. She will be working primarily out of our Austin studio and is eager to be back in Texas after two decades in New York City, where chips and queso are hard to come by. To read Eliane's professional bio, click here . For the fun existential questions, keep scrolling: Hometown/Current City: Born and...
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“If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It”: B Corp Certification at Lake|Flato

Applying for B Corp certification is a comprehensive process that, for Lake|Flato, took a team effort that was years in the making. Beyond rigorously assessing our business operations, B Corp certification has helped us refine how we measure the impact of our work on the wellbeing of our employees, our community, and the environment through quantifiable initiatives and outcomes. To contextualize how being a B Corporation animates our firm’s mission and guides our decision-making, we interviewed three firm leaders who oversee our environmental performance initiatives and equity, diversity, and...
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Audrey is a designer at our San Antonio office whose architectural passion is based in exercising the ability to design with creativity and mindfulness. She strives to have meaningful impacts through sustainability, community-centric values, and creating designs that enhance the quality of life. We are lucky to have her join the Lake|Flato team! To read her professional bio, click here . For the fun existential questions, keep scrolling: Favorite Lake|Flato Project: Confluence Park & Naples Botanical Garden Visitor Center. Both were major influences during my academic career as precedents...
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Celebrating Nature, Place and Craft in Our New San Antonio Office

Since our founding in 1984, Lake|Flato has expanded to all floors and corners of our office at 311 Third Street in San Antonio. After committing to renovating our office into a healthy, high-performing, hybrid workplace, we decided to go against the grain of the building’s origins as a former car dealership and remove all parking and cars to create a community-centric outdoor living room. For a firm with a focus on sustainability, expanding our office meant removing rather than adding, and encouraging human and environmental health through outdoor amenities, connections to nature, and...
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Evolving the Conversation on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Designing meaningful, high-performance buildings and landscapes is not a passive act. The process necessitates a sustained exercise in discerning the interconnections between environmental and human health, cultural resilience, and inclusive community building. The ties that bind are subtle yet irrevocable, with each affecting the others. To truly provide value through equitable design strategies, every community member, visitor, guest, and employee should be welcomed and be able to navigate a building or landscape confidently, independently, and with choice and dignity, avoiding separation...
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Coming Together at Kickapoo Ranch: Flake Lato 2021

Flake Lato, our annual retreat on the headwaters of the West Nueces, at the tail end of summer, just before children return to school, is always one of the most special weekends of the year. But this year, due to COVID-19, and our remote working conditions, it was more special than ever. Together, we had made it through a difficult year. Spread out all over the country and starved for camaraderie, Flake Lato was a timely and much anticipated antidote. The “seal team,” the early strike force that pulls up the shade structures and gets things organized, showed up Thursday evening, and things...
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Architecture to Connect: Egypt

Pyramids of Giza, Giza - c. 2589-2504 B.C.
The end of my 16 year long formal education was the best thing to happen to my appetite for knowledge. In November of 2020, I moved back to Cairo after a year long stay in San Antonio as a 'cultural and educational exchange visitor' to intern at Lake Flato. And boy was there a lot of culture and education to be exchanged. Working with the wonderful architects and designers at Lake Flato has taught me so much that I could have never learned in school. Beyond learning about the technical skills necessary to bring a design to fruition, it reinforced in my mind just how much of a connection the...
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Unsung Architects: Hassan Fathy & Helen Liu Fong

Unsung Architects is a series celebrating architects not often highlighted in academia with the intent to collectively educate and provide new perspectives within the architecture discipline. HASSAN FATHY: Hassan Fathy (1900-1989), a regional modernist, was Egypt’s most well-known architect in the 20th century, but his (controversial) popularity did not extend beyond the region. His formative years as an architect were during a time when Egypt was within its struggle to gain sovereignty against the British. It was also a time when Romanticism & Enlightenment were thriving, creating waves...
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Better Know an LFer: Mary Beth Lineberry

Mary Beth Lineberry
We are thrilled to welcome Mary Beth as our new Director of Branding and Market Strategy! Mary Beth officially began at the firm virtually a week ago, and will be joining us in San Antonio in the near future. She is eager to dive into her new role and looks forward to helping our Marketing team grow thought leadership, brand recognition and strategy that strengthens Lake|Flato's mission. To read her professional bio, click here . For the fun existential questions, keep scrolling: Hometown/Current City: I’m originally from Atlanta, GA and currently living in Charlottesville, VA. I’ll be...
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Lake|Flato's Just Label

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Lake|Flato has a Just. label through the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Today's post is about what the Just. label is and shares our label. Just. is a voluntary program that promotes transparency within organizations to promote social justice and enhance employee engagement. This, of course, does not mean member firms are perfect. Rather, it allows each firm to start where they are at, and improve on equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Just label has represented one of our first “objective” steps in our EDI journey, a way to understand our baseline and make progress. From...