Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Lake|Flato embraces and applies principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in our day-to-day operations and in the built environment. As a firm, we strive to create an inclusive atmosphere in both our practice and our design work, provide a nurturing and healthy culture of trust within our firm, and foster a working environment where employees are motivated, supported and connected to our purpose and values.

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Lake|Flato has not only provided leadership in design, but the examples they create, year in and year out, ultimately have a great and lasting impact.
Ed Mazria, FAIA
Founder and CEO, Architecture 2030

Education, Mentorship & Training

Our company vision is to create environments that enrich communities and nurture life. The education, mentorship and training we prioritize helps us articulate, embody and apply our values of equity and inclusion in our work.


Hiring, Recruitment & Retention

We continue to grow a diverse and healthy firm through equitable hiring, recruitment and retention efforts that nurture staff and contribute industry leadership.


Leadership Development

Lake|Flato believes that design is best served when diverse voices are heard and reflected in our work. To facilitate these discussions, our firm continually works to redress historic inequities through unconscious bias training and professional reviews, promotions and hiring that adhere to EDI best practices


Clients, Collaborators & Projects

In our day to day collaborations, we are committed to working with and expanding our network of historically underrepresented and disadvantaged partner firms. We work to develop teams of the most highly qualified firms for each project that also represent the broader community’s needs and values.  

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Contributions, Scholarships & Community Engagement

Lake|Flato is passionate about public service and sharing our design expertise and thought leadership. We align contributions and volunteerism through the lens of equity, supporting our mission of connecting people to communities and the environment.


B Corp Certification & JUST Label

The B Corp and JUST programs provide us with transparent, internationally recognized frameworks for assessing and improving who we are and how we operate through an equity lens.