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Austin Urban Apiary

Just this year, the W Hotel in Austin became home to its own urban apiary, or collection of beehives. The colonies, which are maintained by the non-profit Central Texas Bee Rescue, are located on the rooftop of the 39th floor where they are expected to produce 100-200 pounds of honey annually. Their hard work is already featured on the hotel's food and drink menus as well as in the spa. With international concern over declining bee populations, apiaries like the one at the W Hotel are becoming more and more essential. This population decrease is often referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder and is the result of disease, pesticides, and industrial agricultural practices. Many are worried about how CCD will affect our food supply which largely depends on pollination. Hopefully more efforts like this one at the W Hotel will inspire others to join the effort. Click here to read the full Austin Chronicle article. 
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