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Reflections of an Intern

Interning at Lake|Flato has been fantastic and went by all too quickly. For those who are curious about the LF intern life, I thought I would reflect on the experience. What inspired you to intern at Lake|Flato? Before I knew I wanted to pursue architecture, I had been going with my family for years to the Dallas Arboretum. Though at the time I could not really understand why, I remember how passing under that vine trellis at the entry felt like entering a new kind of world. When I began studying architecture, I learned about Lake|Flato and really loved the work and what seemed like a genuinely fun culture (and it is), so I decided to apply here. What projects / types of projects did you work on during your internship? I worked primarily on two house projects, one on a ranch in Wyoming, and one in upstate New York. Working on houses was a really big change from projects in school, because many of the design changes are on a smaller scale, and things like materials are discussed and changed often. People have a very personal connection to their homes, so it was great to work on something that the clients were very invested in. What did you find to do in San Antonio and in Texas? Living here for almost 8 months gave me so much time to explore San Antonio and the surrounding areas. One of the greatest experiences was taking a trip with other LFers to Big Bend- it was truly spectacular. I also loved biking the Mission Trail and visiting San Jose mission, and I lived close enough to the Pearl that Saturday farmer’s market visits were always one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. When it got hot, I just had to take a float trip down the Frio River. I definitely never felt bored here… I’m really going to miss it, and most of all I’m going to miss the tacos!!
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