Lake|Flato Investigations invites individuals and teams across the firm, regardless of discipline or experience level, to propose independent research projects that contribute to our firm's collective knowledge. Created in response to the firm's 2015 strategic plan, we leverage learning from inside and outside our professional experience toward the goal of better integrating design and sustainability.

A committee drawn from all levels of the firm evaluates proposed projects. We welcome a broad range of applications and perspectives, though almost all explore relationships between the built environment and human/ecological wellbeing.

Fundamentally, we ask questions and try our best to answer them. We believe designing spaces that address the needs of our society and our planet requires a wide span of knowledge. Our hope is that this growing body of work serves as a resource to the broader design community, while instigating further questions and collaborations, and helping raise the salience of scientific knowledge within our industry.

If you have questions or comments about our work, or to talk about collaborating with us, please reach out using the Contact form below.

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What really makes Lake|Flato Investigations unique is that it provides an opportunity for anyone in the office to explore their interests and, in so doing, deepen our understanding of the ever-evolving role the built environment plays in addressing the needs of our society and planet.”
Tenna Florian, AIA
Partner, Lake|Flato



Neuroscience & Architecture

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Rainwater Cistern Sizing

Rainwater Cistern Sizing cover 2.jpg

Spaces Between

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Aspiring to Net Zero Waste in Dining Facilities

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Solar Tracking

Solar Tracking cover 2.jpg

Mobile Mapping

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Embodied Carbon

EC cover.jpg

Eco-Senior Living


Radiant Cooling I


Mass Timber End of Life Scenarios


Future Climate Investigation

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