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Better Know an LF'er : Jacqueline Fisher

"Something you may not have known about Jacqueline is that she spent many a summer on construction sites with her father, which instilled in her a great curiosity and understanding for how things go together. This understanding has made her quite the asset to our tiny little Josey Pavilion team where she has become reviteer and det ailer extraordinaire! It’s been wonderful to work with and get to know Jacqueline. She will be sorely missed come 2013 when she heads back to UT for her final semester. Other things to know about Jacqueline: she has a wonderful attitude, which may in part be due to...
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Blue Star Fundraising Event

The Blue Star Contemporary Art Center here in San Antonio asked local artists to design and build a Christmas tree to be exhibited at a fundraising event. This was a creative way to swing into the holiday season so Lake Flato decided to take part in this event. The photos below document the process of the build and the final exhibition. We decided to take an abstract approach to designing our Christmas tree. We created a frame structure which we hung a series of lights from - a Christmas chandelier. The photographs below demonstrate how the frame was constructed. We used 4 steel channels to...
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High Cotton

A group of 4 LF’ers traveled to Lubbock in September to participate in a community charrette. This is the first part of our story, in which we discover the potential of a collection of grain warehouses. As many of you know, Lake|Flato has officially joined the 1% program of Public Architecture, and has completed several community outreach projects in 2012 as part of this initiative. The 1% is a national movement in partnership with the AIA that promotes pro bono architectural efforts in the public interest. We would like to share with you our work on the High Cotton project for Link...
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A Traveler's Guide through the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is a true engineering marvel of man against nature. This massive arch-gravity dam was completed in just 5 years (2 years ahead of schedule) from 1931-1936. To put into perspective what an incredible accomplishment this structure was for it's time we can compare the recenty completed Hoover Dam Bypass bridge which took 7 years to construct! The accelerated schedule was largely due to innovative engineering ideas at the time. It is said that if the dam was built in a single continuous pour, the concrete would have taken 125 years to cool and result in stresses that would have...
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Better Block Project This Saturday

It's time for another city-scale pop-up! This Saturday brings the third (and final?) Better Block project to San Antonio's Plaza de Armas. Come out to experience a completely revitalized street, if only for a day. I'm most excited to visit the happenings in the Spanish Governor's Palace Courtyard (one of my favorite places in the city) and if my dog's lucky, I'll bring her to the Annual Blessing of the Animals.... For more info, visit the Better Block site page here .
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Field Report: Custom Light Fixtures at Pearl

As completion of the Pearl Parkway Buildings of the Pearl Brewery Redevelopment in San Antonio, TX wraps up, many finishing details are finally going into place. Custom light fixtures that were designed to utilize existing materials and found remnants of the historical brewery were recently installed. The “Beakerlier” as it has come to be known was created for a lobby space within one of the Parkway buildings called the Lab. The fixture is composed of materials originally used in the Brewery’s laboratory for beer quality and recipe testing. The chandelier’s design not only makes use of found...
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Better Know an LF Project: Francis Parker School

In the fall of 2002 Francis Parker School, San Diego's oldest and largest independent, non-denominational, co-educational day school, held an inviting design competition for its Middle/Upper School campus to create a new Master Plan and expansion of facilities. Lake|Flato won the competition with a proposal that captured a unique blend of sensitive environmental planning, inspirational public spaces and progressive, open buildings. Answers by Greg Papay Completed in 2006 LF Scope: Programming; Master Planning; SD; DD; CD; CA Program: First Phase: 29 Upper School Classrooms, 8 Upper School...
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Digital Pin-up: Josey Pavilion

The Betty and Clint Josey Pavilion is a project located on the Leo Ranch outside Decatur, Texas with aspirations to be the first Living Building project in the State of Texas. The 5,400 square foot open air pavilion is a meeting and education center that serves as a demonstration site for the Dixon Water Foundation , whose mission is to promote healthy watersheds through sustainable land management ensuring the preservation of our water resources. The pavilion is comprised of two identical structures, one housing a large open gathering space for 150 occupants and the other housing a catering...
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Tour of the Pearl

Part of starting any new job is doing your homework. Since I joined the marketing department at Lake|Flato two months ago, I've been researching our projects to get a better sense of our design philosophy and style. As much as I enjoy reading through old project descriptions, I must confess that I much prefer a hands on approach. Last week I had the pleasure of joining Denise on a guided tour of the Pearl, led by L|F's very own Todd Wascher. The tour covered the third phase of the Pearl Brewery Redevelopment, which includes the Pearl Parkway Buildings - three mixed-use structures and the...
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Waller Creek: A Competition Process

For over a year, LF worked on Austin’s urban-scale competition to Design Waller Creek, which finally came to a close last month. Our vision of Waller Creek (The Oasis) unfortunately didn’t win (see for a glimpse of our boards as well as the selected team and other finalists’ submissions); but by participating and making it to the final stage, we gained an amazing experience that taught us huge amounts about the dynamic culture of Austin and the potential roles of regenerative landscapes in future urban development. A little background: Waller Creek runs...