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Carbon 13 + Marfa Dialogs

The weekend before last, Graham and I ventured to Marfa to take in a weekend that combined an art exhibit focussed on climate change with conversations between scientists, artists and writers. Highlights for us were a tour of Mimm's Ranch by the Dixon Water Foundation, a discussion entitled Climate Change and Adaptation with scientists Diana Liverman and John Nielsen-Gammon, and a conversation between Michael Pollan ( Omnivore's Dilemma, Botany of Desire ) and Hamilton Fish. Recordings of all these conversations can be found here !
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Digital Pin-up: Destination Bayfront

Schematic Design is nearly complete on a new 34-acre downtown waterfront redevelopment for the city of Corpus Christi. The city’s goal is to create a world-class urban park that will further ignite and enhance development in Corpus Christi’s downtown core. Hargreaves Associates is leading the site master planning and landscape design effort, while Lake Flato is designing a fleet of park buildings and shade structures to be deployed along the waterfront’s new boardwalk promenade. Buildings planned for the park will include a multilevel beach cafe, park arrival facilities, staff offices, a wine...
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On Site at the Hog Pen Creek Residence

Yesterday Ted, Brian and I were on site at the Hog Pen Creek Residence. We took a lunch break for some burgers on the breezy porch and to enjoy the view of Lake Austin. This scene reminds me a familiar photo... except our job site is clearly more dangerous :) Stay tuned for a 'Field Report' from this project soon...
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Another Great Addition!

Give a howdy to Kerry Phillips , who is joining us from SRG in Portland, Oregon to work on Georgia Tech's Engineered Biosystems Building. She graduated from Virginia Tech's 5-year master's program. Her favorite Lake|Flato project is Hill Country Jacal in Pipe Creek because of its beauty, simplicity, and honesty - just how she wants to live and design! In her spare time, she loves to have long-labored walks through the wilderness with everything she needs on her back. Welcome!
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The Architecture of the CCC

So Sammy and I went on a little father/daughter hike over the weekend to Palmetto State Park. Located about an hour east of San Antonio, the park has a swampy, prehistoric quality that is most unusual for central Texas. It also contains a number of structures build by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. As Jonathan identified in an earlier post , these buildings are great on many levels. The Refectory in particular seems to grow out of the ground - its stone work irrevecobly ties it to its place while providing a wonderful place for kids (specifically Sammy) to climb. If I live to...
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Clear, Present Danger: How Glass Kills Birds

ABC (American Bird Conservancy) director Dr. Christine Sheppard talked recently on NPR about her research on how birds see...or don't see the glass in buildings. Sheppard says birds don't see the way we do. "Reflection is definitely a problem," she explains. Most birds don't have good depth perception beyond their beaks — they have to get relatively close to an object to see much detail or distinguish it from background. Reflections in glass can make it seem as if there's no building there — just more sky, clouds and trees.
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East Texas Inspiration

Cameron and I recently traveled behind the pine curtain and into East Texas... top to bottom: Tyler State Park Bathhouse; Ruby's Hat Outlet in Corsicana; CCC built trail Tyler State Park; CCC wall Tyler State Park; bathhouse wall Tyler State Park
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New Accomplishments in the Office

Cameron Smith and Erica Goranson have some great news! They have both added a few letters to the end of their name. Cameron passed her LEED exam and is now accredited for LEED AP BD+C. And, Erica passed her exam to become a licensed architect. Congratulations, Lake|Flatonians!
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AIA Boot Skoot'n Boogie

Early last Friday morning a few LF gals loaded up their grill, with brisket and homemade Barracho Beans in tow to the San Antonio National Shooting Complex to enter the AIA Brisket Grilling competition. They were joined later on in the afternoon by a group of LF guys taking part in the Skeet Shooting portion of the competition! Thanks to our fellow LFers who showed up to support us and enjoy a tasty meal! This just in : the LF team won the Yellow Group with a crushing score of 193, the second highest in the tourney. Congrats! The girls and our Lean Mean Grilling machine! Although we didn't...
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Better Know an LF Project: Hotel San Jose

Hotel San Jose A 1930s motor hotel in an eclectic district of South Austin was transformed from low-rent lodging to a hip, modern destination. Rooms in the existing three buildings were restructured, and a new 16-room building was added in the former parking lot to create a central courtyard. This communal outdoor space serves as an outdoor lobby, lounge and pool area. Architectural details, such as tile shed roofs, parabolic arches, arbors and porches, were repeated throughout the complex. Gardens of native Texas plants tie the buildings together. ANSWERS BY Bob Harris Job Origin: Liz...