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Field Report: Custom Light Fixtures at Pearl

As completion of the Pearl Parkway Buildings of the Pearl Brewery Redevelopment in San Antonio, TX wraps up, many finishing details are finally going into place.  Custom light fixtures that were designed to utilize existing materials and found remnants of the historical brewery were recently installed. The “Beakerlier” as it has come to be known was created for a lobby space within one of the Parkway buildings called the Lab.  The fixture is composed of materials originally used in the Brewery’s laboratory for beer quality and recipe testing.  The chandelier’s design not only makes use of found objects but references an obscure yet important historical function within the Brewery’s beer making process. Beakerlier Hanging in the Fabrication Shop Beakerlier Installed in the Lab Building Lobby Another example of a similar design process is also seen in another light fixture recently installed in the same project.  These large exterior chandeliers are found in a public loggia and are composed of conveyor belt tread that were used in the processing, packaging and distribution of beer in the original Pearl Brewery.  Both Beakerlier and Conveyor Belt light fixtures were designed by Lake|Flato and custom built by local fabricator Robert diaz DeLeon of Flux Metal. Conveyor Belt Fixture During Fabrication Conveyor Belt Fixture During Fabrication and Installation Conveyor Belt Fixture Installed
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