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Craft Call: Reznikoff Custom Furniture

Residence for Art pantry - quarter sawn white oak (Project Designer: Lake | Flato Architects) “We make furniture, not cabinets” is a frequent Mike Reznikoff quote. His first appearance with LF was on the Lasater House in Fort Worth working with Karla and Ted. After more than 20 years he still returns to apply oil and refinish the wood. Bartlit was next (ask him about his warped walnut counter top) followed by the Residence for Art, Lake Austin Residence, and the Armstrong Residence. The SK Ranch is his first project in some time with LF. His estimates are influenced by proximity of the...
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Field Report: River Bench Residence

Welcome to the inaugural post of our new Dogrun series, "Field Report". This series explores issues relating to construction progress and site visits. We hope it provides another insight into the process of what we do. Here's a fun snapshot of the River Bench Residence, currently under construction in South Dakota. These comparison images match a concept rendering to built reality. Shout out to our contractor The Construction Zone for their incredible work! (ABOVE) View from entry drive (renderings at the top compare spring and winter) View towards Entry Porch View at Entry Porch View towards...
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L|F Chosen for UTEP Campus Transformation

The University of Texas at El Paso announces that it has commissioned two award-winning Texas firms to help with the designs and cost estimates of several projects tied to UTEP’s transformation to a more pedestrian-friendly campus in time for its Centennial Celebration in 2014. Lake/Flato Architects of San Antonio and Ten Eyck Landscape Architects (TELA) of Austin were contracted to develop conceptual images and statements of probable costs for six areas: Memorial Triangle, Leech Grove, Circle Drive (between Old Main and the Psychology Building), the arroyo, the courtyard behind the Physical...
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Love is in the Air

The lovely ladies of Lake|Flato Architects wish you a wonderful Valentines Day!
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Valentine Texas

Happy Valentine's Day! Head out to West Texas to send your valentines from Valentine TX... There was a recent Express News article about the town of Valentine's post office that might close someday soon because of cuts throughout the postal system. Until then, it's a great place to send your valentines from. "The attraction is the unique Valentine postmark, with a new stamp designed each year by a local student. The postmarks are sought by collectors and sweethearts alike, if for different reasons." Read the full article and see photos of Valentine's Post Office here .
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The Advantages of Riding Your Bike

“For every kilometre that a person rides on a bicycle, there is a net profit to society of 23 cents,”. “For every kilometre that a person rides in a car, there is a net loss to society of 16 cents.” I saw the bike culture in action when I was in Copenhagen/Amsterdam/Malmo last year. It is very impressive how an industrialized societies have such strong bike cultures Colville-Andersen's 4 step to promote urban cycling seems quite attainable and worth promoting in US cities. By Ryan Van Horne In Copenhagen, 37 per cent of citizens bike to work, and the reason so many of them do it may surprise...
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Better Know an LF Project: Lake Tahoe Residence

The Project: Lake Tahoe Residence Location : Glenbrook, Nevada Project Team: David Lake , Karla Greer , Billy Johnson, Tenna Florian, Heather DeGrella ANSWERS BY KARLA GREER Job Origin: David Lake met the owners through a mutual friend from San Francisco. Completion Date: 2003 Program: This is a summer and winter vacation “play” house for a very active San Francisco family. The house was designed as a flexible “camp” that could accommodate up to 24 overnight guests in ship-like guest rooms, built-in bunk beds/trundle beds, and open floor space for sleeping bags. The house is designed for...
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Show-CASE-ing LF Independent Schools

Today and tomorrow, Greg and Robert H. are in San Francisco attending the CASE-NAIS conference for independent schools. The conference is geared toward the development directors of schools. Not only are they promoting the inspirational design of our various school projects, like Cranbrook Kingswood, Sunshine Cottage and Francis Parker , but they are also highlighting the front-end services that we provide to our clients: programming, masterplanning, fundraising packages/graphics, and community outreach . (And how are they doing this, you might ask? With one model, two Iphones, two Ipads, one...
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Better Know an LFer: Trey Rabke

When he's not battling plumbing and squirrels, Trey is drawing like an angel in our office. Get to know him with the same questions we always ask. Hometown: San Antonio Years at LF: Going on 10 Achilles Heel: Beer Happiest Place: Summer, northwest US, fishing a stream, drinking a beer Memorable Book: Survival of the Bark Canoe by John McPhee Prized Possession: My two beautiful kids...I at least own them until they are 18 Current Obsession: Squirrel control Last Accomplishment: Snaking a toilet at our house- truly an accomplishment. Little kids are hell on plumbing Favorite Thing about San...
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Beyond LEED Symposium - Opening Remarks by David Lake

BEYOND LEED REGENERATIVE DESIGN: A SYMPOSIUM JANUARY 27 + 28, 2012 Friday, January 27, 2012 Beyond LEED Session Beyond LEED. EVOLVED. Following previous discussions with Bob Harris (Lake|Flato) and Bob Berkebile (BNIM), a few questions kept coming to mind: Why aren’t there more living buildings? Why are they NOT being pursued, built and dreamt about? USGBC and LEED have been a transformative force for the good. In one decade, we have witnessed unparalleled changes in the building industry with 200,000 LEED accredited professionals and 28,000 certified LEED buildings. However, is this good...