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Do You Know These Famous People?

Brian and Karla were recently in New York to represent Lake Flato at this year's New AD 100 event. Architectural Digest publishes their 'New AD 100' list of top talents in architecture and interiors that "represent a fellowship of trailblazers and standard-bearers whose work is imaginative, intelligent, and inspiring." (ABOVE) Karla Greer (Lake Flato), Brian Korte (Lake Flato), and Margaret Russell (Editor of Architectural Digest), image courtesy of Larry Busacca/Getty Images. Take a look at the full list of firms here in the current issue of AD. What a party!?! Held in the iconic Guggenheim...
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AU Session, Diagrams Directly from Revit

Philip and I are learning lots at Autodesk University... Here's a glimpse at this morning's lab exercise to make graphic diagrams directly from Revit: ABOVE: massing diagram for a 'small' HOK project in China. ABOVE: land use diagram using an area plan for the same project. ABOVE: density diagram using filters. These aren't the best graphics, but the way in which they were created could certainly be useful for larger projects in the early stages of design. Benefits using this approach over Illustrator: Everything contained in one model that is comprehensive David Lake's 'tweaks' (read:...
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Rainwater Calculator

A SIMPLE RAINWATER CALCULATOR to help you estimate how much water you can potentially collect and how much water your design requires (both indoor and outdoor). As you progress through design there are other consultants who will likely provide input such as the landscape architect, irrigation designer, and civil engineer.
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Lessons Learned on a LEED Platinum Home

At the TSA Convention this year I was one of the presenters in a session called Lessons Learned on Two LEED Platinum Homes . This short document highlights a few key lessons from this LEED Platinum Home
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Practicing Construction Waste Management

We hired Greenstone Industries of San Antonio to manage the construction waste on one of our residential projects that received LEED Platinum certification last year. By doing so, we diverted 88% of construction waste from the landfill. The other amazing part is that this service cost a third less than a typical dumpster service which would have delivered 100% to the landfill. Greenstone built these recycle bins from old pallets to separate the different kinds of waste.
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Better Know an LF Project: ASU Polytechnic Campus

The Project: Arizona State University Polytechnic Location: Mesa, Arizona Project Team: Andrew Herdeg , Chris Krajcer, Matt Wallace, Ted Flato, Steve Raike ANSWERS BY MATT WALLACE Job Origin: RFQ + Shortlist + Interview Completion Date: August 2008 Program: ASU Polytechnic is a 250,000 sq. ft. facility located on a decommissioned Air Force base that provided classrooms, science teaching laboratories, arts studios, a black-box theater, conference facilities, faculty/administrative offices, and a significant complement of landscapes, gardens, and informal learning spaces. Cost: $61 million (...
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Rainwater Harvesting 101

Wondering how to integrate rainwater harvesting into a current or future project? Follow this link for a few tips from the folks at Lake Flato... RainwaterHarvesting101.pdf ...stay tuned for a calculator that will help you figure all this out, as well as lessons learned on a residential system that uses rainwater for 100% of its potable water needs!
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The BIg Mistakes Happen on the First Day

That's why it's important to start the energy model early. We have developed a process for creating an early-stage energy model using very basic, conceptual information about a design. We call it an "energy snapshot." The project manager fills out this spreadsheet about their project and sends it to me: I input this information into an energy simulation tool such as REM Rate (residential) or eQUEST (commercial) along with some reasonable assumptions based on building systems our firm typically utilizes and a few minutes later . . . An energy model is born. This model will be refined...
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Architecture May Be Cool...

...but spaceflight is still much, much cooler. If you have any interest in making a career change to become an astronaut, NASA is hiring . Unfortunately you need a background in engineering so Heather is the only person in the office who would be eligible. The launch of STS-134, the closest the author will probably ever come to flying into space.
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Watercolors from the Island

I feel like sharing a few watercolor sketches from my recent travels to the island of Maui, Hawaii. For those who dont know, Maui is the second largest and second youngest in the string of islands of Hawaii with the island of Hawaii being the youngest, largest and with the most volcanic activity. This island is probably the most diverse ecosystem I have ever seen. Only about 50 miles long from tip to tip it has two volcanos with the dormant Halleakela being the largest at 10,023 feet. Measured from the seafloor it stands close to 30,000 feet making it one of the largest single mountains on...