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Holiday Wishes

Sotols by James Evans Lake|Flato is committed to preserving the natural landscape and strengthening our local community. This year we supported The Nature Conservancy's Love Creek Preserve with pro bono services for a project in the Hill Country. Additionally, members of our staff are participating in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Workplace Mentorship program, offering one-to-one mentoring sessions where local schoolchildren experience professional environments and learn about career paths. From us to you, happy holidays and best wishes for your new year!
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VJAA Wins 2012 AIA Architecture Firm Award

Credit: Joe Pugliese (and Architect Magazine) + VJAA/Princeton Press Vincent James Associates Architects has won the 2012 Architecture Firm Award. Their work is incredibly diverse, with a research driven process that takes into account a variety of issues that stretch far beyond the norm. Within these cultural and ecological frameworks, they are able to produce architecture that is not only performative, but also relevant. With a broad set of parameters, they work in collaboration with many great design professionals such as Coen+Partners, Hargreaves Associates, James Carpenter, Transsolar,...
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Architecture May Be Cool...

...but spaceflight is still much, much cooler. If you have any interest in making a career change to become an astronaut, NASA is hiring . Unfortunately you need a background in engineering so Heather is the only person in the office who would be eligible. The launch of STS-134, the closest the author will probably ever come to flying into space.
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Watercolors from the Island

I feel like sharing a few watercolor sketches from my recent travels to the island of Maui, Hawaii. For those who dont know, Maui is the second largest and second youngest in the string of islands of Hawaii with the island of Hawaii being the youngest, largest and with the most volcanic activity. This island is probably the most diverse ecosystem I have ever seen. Only about 50 miles long from tip to tip it has two volcanos with the dormant Halleakela being the largest at 10,023 feet. Measured from the seafloor it stands close to 30,000 feet making it one of the largest single mountains on...
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New Container Restaurant in River North

Have you heard about Andrew Weissman’s newest restaurant concept in River North?? It's a restaurant made up of shipping containers on the bank on the San Antonio River. A departure from the high-end eateries that Weissman is known for, the new restaurant will feature a casual, family-friendly atmosphere, an inexpensive menu and outdoor-only seating where patrons order drinks and food from the various cargo containers. Get you best hipster outfit together because the restaurant is only weeks away from opening! Read more here in mysanantonio!
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Walk and Roll Champions

Lake|Flato participated in AACOG's Walk & Roll Challenge again this year. During September and October, the last two months of the "ozone season” when air pollution tends to be the worst in the San Antonio area, teams collectively recorded more than 167,000 walking, biking, busing, or carpooling trips that saved over 2.8 million vehicle miles traveled and kept nearly 4.5 tons of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (the components of ozone or “smog”). Lake|Flato won 2nd place for the small organization category and will be recognized at an awards ceremony next month. Thanks to...
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Night School, Volume 1: Minimum

Is this the next big thing? Yesterday evening a large group gathered in an empty apartment unit in Southtown to mark the beginning of NightSchool. The objective: to broaden our knowledge of subjects removed from our regular routines and through discussion better understand one another. Food and drink play a significant role—members must provide something for everyone else to enjoy. Each month, a different member hosts Night School and they determine the theme. David and I launched the series with minimum. David and I sought a theme which could be applied to anything. As architects we are of...
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TSA Sessions by Lake Flatonians

At the recent Texas Society of Architects annual convention in Dallas, four people from Lake Flato presented sessions on an array of topics. Here's a look at what they covered: Bob Harris : Balancing Design and Sustainability What makes a sustainable building an excellent building? “People don’t love buildings or places because they are non-toxic and biodegradable, they love them because they speak to the head and the heart”. But, what does it mean for a building to speak to the heart… why is it that people find certain environmental conditions innately attractive and what does this tell us...
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Taco Truck in the ArtPace Courtyard

The Friday lunch at the Tacomiendo Taco Truck at Art Pace tradition continued today, but not without a peculiar twist... The Tacomiendo was parked in the courtyard! Due to this odd location and the Metro Health official that was parked where the taco truck is usually stationed, I can't help but conclude this must be part of San Antonio's law that prohibits food trucks parked on commercial property from vending within 300 feet of a restaurant without written, notarized permission from the restaurant. The San Antonio Express News had an article recently describing all the issues mobile food...
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New Precedent!

Look out, we’ve got some new forms coming your way! Lake/Flato Architects is known for using traditional vernacular forms as a basis for its body of regionally-specific, yet modern, architecture. On a recent tour of LF ranches, we discovered some striking new roof shapes in San Saba, Texas. As the creep of suburbia’s tendrils have left virtually no area untouched, we find that forms traditionally associated with strip mall chic are becoming more and more rooted in these places. How long until we consider these things part of a regional style? We think that time is now. So first up on our...