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Sunnie always shines bright. Whether she offers a cheerful good morning or late in the evening tells you goodnight after a busy day at the office, her energy and cheerful personality always shines through.My little Cajun sister Sunnie. I’m not sure if her parents saw it at birth or if they did it like some Indian tribes and waited to see her personality develop before naming her – however they arrived at her name: they nailed it. From the first day I met Sunnie at lunch during her interview, I realized her name matched her personality perfectly. In the short time Sunnie has been in our office, she’s already become a big part of our Lake|Flato culture. This year Sunnie not only convinced us that we had enough Louisiana born Bayou folks to have an office crawfish boil, but helped plan a great party that involved 200+ pounds of crawfish, 2 kegs of beer and 75+ non-native Louisianans eating crawfish in Greg and Eva’s beautiful back yard. Sunnie even convinced her parents to make the nine hour drive from Chackbay Louisiana to bring the all-important special seasoning pack. I’m looking forward to continuing to watch her grow in our office because with a name and personality like Sunnie, I know she has a bright future at Lake|Flato. Hometown: Chackbay, Louisiana Years at LF: 1 Favorite LF Project: Government Canyon Achilles Heel: Maganalite Pot and a metal spoon! Happiest Place: in the muddy waters or my momma’s front porch Memorable Book: The Spell of the Sensous Prized Possession: My two vintage orange Eames chairs with the stacking base, that I rescued from the swamp :) Current Obsession: Planning my next camping/backpacking trip Last Accomplishment: Becoming a Big Sister in the BBBS Program, and finishing up my first year of coordinating our workplace mentoring sessions! Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Cascabel’s café’ olla and chilaquiles breakfast tacos Fate or Chance: Chance
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