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Notes from TEDxAustin 2012

This past Saturday, I attended the annual TEDxAustin 2012 conference, and while I was initially put off by the application process (it's pretty rare in my book to curate an audience), I was BLOWN AWAY by the bold ideas and positive energy that surrounded me. TED is the exclusive organization that celebrates "Ideas Worth Spreading", whose viral videos understandably set my expectations high for this regional event. Adding to the mystery, TEDxAustin chooses not to reveal its speakers until the day of, so I literally had no idea what to expect. Since I filled out the application and moved on, I...
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Valentine Texas

Happy Valentine's Day! Head out to West Texas to send your valentines from Valentine TX... There was a recent Express News article about the town of Valentine's post office that might close someday soon because of cuts throughout the postal system. Until then, it's a great place to send your valentines from. "The attraction is the unique Valentine postmark, with a new stamp designed each year by a local student. The postmarks are sought by collectors and sweethearts alike, if for different reasons." Read the full article and see photos of Valentine's Post Office here .
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The Advantages of Riding Your Bike

“For every kilometre that a person rides on a bicycle, there is a net profit to society of 23 cents,”. “For every kilometre that a person rides in a car, there is a net loss to society of 16 cents.” I saw the bike culture in action when I was in Copenhagen/Amsterdam/Malmo last year. It is very impressive how an industrialized societies have such strong bike cultures Colville-Andersen's 4 step to promote urban cycling seems quite attainable and worth promoting in US cities. By Ryan Van Horne In Copenhagen, 37 per cent of citizens bike to work, and the reason so many of them do it may surprise...
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Beyond LEED Symposium - Opening Remarks by David Lake

BEYOND LEED REGENERATIVE DESIGN: A SYMPOSIUM JANUARY 27 + 28, 2012 Friday, January 27, 2012 Beyond LEED Session Beyond LEED. EVOLVED. Following previous discussions with Bob Harris (Lake|Flato) and Bob Berkebile (BNIM), a few questions kept coming to mind: Why aren’t there more living buildings? Why are they NOT being pursued, built and dreamt about? USGBC and LEED have been a transformative force for the good. In one decade, we have witnessed unparalleled changes in the building industry with 200,000 LEED accredited professionals and 28,000 certified LEED buildings. However, is this good...
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Better Block

This is a great movement and organization. The recent meeting in San Antonio drew quite a few people. It would be amazing to green the space around our office. Better Block The video below talks about creating a living plaza in Dallas. http://vimeo.com/24599512 Living Plaza - Dallas, TX from Aaron Garcia on Vimeo .
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Restaurant Review: Cakery Bakery

Every city needs a great downtown sandwich shop. Forbes magazine (and others) claimed recently that San Antonio has one of the best downtowns in the country. While this was a questionable decision at best (likely informed by the thousands of tourists happily teetering along the riverwalk every night) there are highlights to the center of San Antonio. Want proof? Go to The Cakery Bakery. Located at the base of The Exchange Building, a listed building and Lake Flato renovation project, this small lunch spot immediately appeals. The classic storefront design and intimate interior remind me of...
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Agricultural Inspiration

On my way home from a site visit last Friday, I couldn't help pulling off Hwy 90 at Knippa to check out these agricultural buildings...
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High School Students Provide Design Input

A few local architecture firms are benefitting from collaboration with members of the largest group of stakeholders at the Highlands High School. Students from the Highlands Engineering and Architecture Team (or HEAT) are providing design input that may be incorporated into the plans for the bond-funded renovation of their school. You can read more about the partnership in this San Antonio Express-News article .
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Two Step into 2012

Over the last several years Cameron and I have rung in the New Year with friends at a different Texas Dance Hall. This year we ventured to the beautifully renovated Sengelmann Hall in Schulenburg. This hall differs from most dancehalls in that it is in the center of town and the dance floor itself is on the second floor with a large deck overlooking downtown.
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A Very Cobbled Christmas

Watch out Zaha and Rem there is a new architect cobbler in town: Lake|Flato architect Cameron Smith has designed and crafted several pairs of custom footwear this holiday season. Some lucky folks will be sporting new custom kicks this holiday.