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Clear, Present Danger: How Glass Kills Birds

ABC (American Bird Conservancy) director Dr. Christine Sheppard talked recently on NPR about her research on how birds see...or don't see the glass in buildings. Sheppard says birds don't see the way we do. "Reflection is definitely a problem," she explains. Most birds don't have good depth perception beyond their beaks — they have to get relatively close to an object to see much detail or distinguish it from background. Reflections in glass can make it seem as if there's no building there — just more sky, clouds and trees.
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East Texas Inspiration

Cameron and I recently traveled behind the pine curtain and into East Texas... top to bottom: Tyler State Park Bathhouse; Ruby's Hat Outlet in Corsicana; CCC built trail Tyler State Park; CCC wall Tyler State Park; bathhouse wall Tyler State Park
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AIA Boot Skoot'n Boogie

Early last Friday morning a few LF gals loaded up their grill, with brisket and homemade Barracho Beans in tow to the San Antonio National Shooting Complex to enter the AIA Brisket Grilling competition. They were joined later on in the afternoon by a group of LF guys taking part in the Skeet Shooting portion of the competition! Thanks to our fellow LFers who showed up to support us and enjoy a tasty meal! This just in : the LF team won the Yellow Group with a crushing score of 193, the second highest in the tourney. Congrats! The girls and our Lean Mean Grilling machine! Although we didn't...
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Material Choices Effect Occupant Health

A new report prepared by Perkins and Will compiles information on building materials that may cause or aggravate asthma. This is really important stuff. Check out the report here . "There is no doubt that the environments in which we all live, learn, work, and play are changing and affecting our health" ~Floyd J. Malveaux, M.D., Ph.D.
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Pecha Kucha San Antonio, Volume 7

The next PechaKucha is coming up - come early to get a good seat!! Check out the presenters: 1. Edwin Blanton - Humanitarian 2. Nathan Cone - Cinephile 3. Brooke Harris - Florist 4. Mark Oppelt - Architect 5. Aaron Prado - Musician 6. Andrew Porter - Writer 7. Lanny Sinkin - Chief Advisor to the King 8. Davis Sprinkle - Architect
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Grackles Kick Off 2012 Season With New Kit

Third Street Grackle team captains, Brian Comeaux and Rebecca Bruce, unveiled a new cycling kit design at Ocho at Havana last night. Special thanks to all the sponsors, including Lake Flato, for supporting the team. Riders are training hard in this heat and are ready to begin fundraising towards the $50,000 goal for Multiple Sclerosis. Stay tuned for details on how to order your very own kit!
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Lighter! Quicker! Cheaper!

Lake Flatonians Ashley Heeren, Jamie Sartory, Grace Bowdewyns, and Kristin Walsh recently volunteered their skills to the Lighter! Quicker! Cheaper! community charrette joining teams to design small scale place-making interventions at a number of public sites throughout San Antonio. One of the proposals will be selected for further development and implementation by the city. You can catch a glimpse of the proposals and vote here for your favorite, as well as listen to inteviews with Ashley and Jamie expounding upon their proposals. Projects include a street closure between two parks, a bat...
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Life Drawing Lesson Two

L|Fers drawing L|Fers... We practiced our drawing skills as well as our modeling skills... strike a pose! Take a look at the masterpieces from this week's drawing session below! Join us next week if you missed out... or else we might make you plank...
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Life Drawing at Lake|Flato

Last week we had our first life-drawing class here at Lake|Flato! Starting with a longer 8 minute pose, we gradually worked our way down to 10 seconds. The goal of this kind of exercise is to capture the essence and overall gesture of what you see. Below is a sampling of the drawings folks created. We will be doing this every week, space and schedule permitting. Hope to see you next time!
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Not Just Another Pretty Car

Today at the office we bid a fond farewell to Cameron Smith's 1990 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. The car has been a fixture of retro-grouch coolness in the LF garage for the past seven years. As the car is now older than several of the office interns and the ac recently went out it is time to say goodbye to this flagship of the 1990 Oldsmobile lineup. Take the Farewell Olds Quiz after the images: 1. Cameron was how old when her parents brought the olds home new from the dealer? a. 11 b. 14 c. 25 2. Cameron uttered the following when she first laid eyes on the olds: a. "Awesome car; I love coat of...