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Travel Stories: Mexico City Day 2.2 Barragan

A group of 6 LF’ers recently ventured down to Mexico City to enjoy the food, culture and the architecture. These are our stories in a four-part mini series. We had a chance to visit two beautiful projects by Mexican architect Luis Barragán on our travels. The San Cristobal Stables designed in 1966 was first on our adventure. Barragán used bright colors in his architecture and became famous for his clever use of textured monolithic walls as a backdrop for which he played with light and shadow. Beautiful caramel colored wood warms the spaces meant for human and animanl habitation and was...
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How do you Feed 7 LFers on a Budget?

Why Floyd's Dairy Bar of course! Home of the bag of 5 burgers for $3.25. Today's office excursion was a hit. Here is the Damage from today's lunch: 2 medium vanilla shakes+1 large tots+1 large fries+2 bags of chips+5 cheeseburgers+10 hamburgers+2 grilled cheeses+assorted drinks = $26.08
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Colorado Trail Show and Tell

Colin and I recently returned from our Colorado Trail excursion. While we didn't ride the trail end to end we did have an amazing trip and rode over 260 miles and climbed 20,000 feet in the process. We bikepacked from just outside of Denver to Breckenridge then decided to rent a car and ride singletrack around the state without all of our bikepacking gear. We rode some amazing trails around Salida, Crested Butte and Durango and camped in some amazing spots along the way. TSA inspection complete Slow Going I Slow Going II Lots of Beautiful Singletrack Waiting for the Storm to Pass in a Drive...
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Restaurant Review: Simi's India Cuisine

My childhood home was located in Tooting, a dirty, pungent and lively neighborhood in South London famous for very little except the extraordinary selection of Indian restaurants and markets there. Throughout my teenage years, I would wake up on a Sunday, roll out of bed and stroll down the road to one of the markets. Pink, green and white tents would pop up in every available corner of the high street – the road became a wonderful mess of food, people and traffic. Coffee wasn’t necessary – this scene never failed to startle the senses. Lining the high street were some of London’s best curry...
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Please Join L|F in Supporting TEDxSanAntonio!

Lake|Flato is proud to support TEDxSanAntonio through the design and construction of this year’s stage backdrop. The set aims to embrace the theme "Be Bold" by bringing attention to the issue of downtown homelessness and the resources available in our community to address this problem. It consists of blankets needed by Haven for Hope and its 80 supporting organizations that provide nightly comfort to those who have none. The material for these blankets comes from the local non-profit organization, Lighthouse for the Blind . Our set design is a call to action for collaborating on bold...
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Travel Stories: Mexico City Day 2.1 Rivera/Kahlo

A group of 6 LF’ers recently ventured down to Mexico City to enjoy the food, culture and the architecture. These are our stories in a four-part mini series. If you’ve been searching for a building with a clear – and poignant – diagram then look no further than Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo’s house. Designed by Juan O’Gorman and completed in 1931, the house makes a bold statement in a verdant and affluent district of Mexico City. Diego commissioned his friend Juan to design a house specifically for his needs and the needs of Frida, his wife. The story of their marriage reads like a tragedy and...
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Flake|Lato 2012

So if the pool party at Greg’s house represents the unofficial beginning of summer, Flake|Lato represents its unofficial end. Flake|Lato is the annual retreat the office takes to Ted’s family ranch located at the headwaters of the Nueces River 120 miles west of San Antonio. The ranch provides an idyllic location for employees to gather with their families to enjoy one another’s company while eating, drinking and frolicking in the clear, cool spring-fed water. The tradition of the office shutting down on a Friday in early September and heading out to the ranch is nearly as old as the office...
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Travel Stories: Mexico City Day 1.0 Grupo Habita

A group of 6 LF'ers (Mindy, Laura, Corey, Sam P, Vicki and myself) recently ventured down to Mexico City to enjoy the food, culture and the architecture. These are our stories in a four-part mini series. We arrived in Mexico City to our home away from home, the recently completed Downtown Hotel + Downtown Beds - Grupo Habita’s newest addition to their hotel brand. Known for creating cool, modern atmospheres that are uniquely catered to their context, The Downtown Hotel + Beds acts as Grupo Habita’s lens to view the Centro Historico. Once the Palace of the Counts of Miravalle, built in the...
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Carbon 13 + Marfa Dialogs

The weekend before last, Graham and I ventured to Marfa to take in a weekend that combined an art exhibit focussed on climate change with conversations between scientists, artists and writers. Highlights for us were a tour of Mimm's Ranch by the Dixon Water Foundation, a discussion entitled Climate Change and Adaptation with scientists Diana Liverman and John Nielsen-Gammon, and a conversation between Michael Pollan ( Omnivore's Dilemma, Botany of Desire ) and Hamilton Fish. Recordings of all these conversations can be found here !
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The Architecture of the CCC

So Sammy and I went on a little father/daughter hike over the weekend to Palmetto State Park. Located about an hour east of San Antonio, the park has a swampy, prehistoric quality that is most unusual for central Texas. It also contains a number of structures build by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. As Jonathan identified in an earlier post , these buildings are great on many levels. The Refectory in particular seems to grow out of the ground - its stone work irrevecobly ties it to its place while providing a wonderful place for kids (specifically Sammy) to climb. If I live to...