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EBOM SS Credit 4: Alternative Commuting Transportation

This past week in San Antonio was an unusually rainy one, leaving our typically overloaded bike racks here in the L|F office feeling a bit lonely.  Despite the inclement weather, many LFer's held strong, covered up, and hit the streets - without having to hit the pump.  It is, after all, a hard lifestyle to give up once you give it a go. The above graph reflects the average results of a baseline survey conducted each day over the course of last week to begin to track employees' commuting habits.  While we did not plan on such a wet week, we are proud to see that more than half of the office still opted to utilize less conventional transportation methods.  It is also worth noting that a whopping 79% reside within an 8 mile radius of the office, nearly 40% within 2 miles.   We will continue to collect data seasonally to monitor trends and brainstorm ways in which we can continue to improve upon a firm culture already deeply rooted in sustainable practices.  Better watch out if we catch you on a dry week next time!  
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