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Not Just Another Pretty Car

Today at the office we bid a fond farewell to Cameron Smith's 1990 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. The car has been a fixture of retro-grouch coolness in the LF garage for the past seven years. As the car is now older than several of the office interns and the ac recently went out it is time to say goodbye to this flagship of the 1990 Oldsmobile lineup. Take the Farewell Olds Quiz after the images: 1. Cameron was how old when her parents brought the olds home new from the dealer? a. 11 b. 14 c. 25 2. Cameron uttered the following when she first laid eyes on the olds: a. "Awesome car; I love coat of arms themed logos." b. "Why did you buy a grandma car?" c. "Why are you interrupting my Punky Brewster time?" 3. The Oldsmobile 98 series is named for what? a. The number of cubic inches in the glove box. b. Ransom E. Olds lucky number. c. The next number of the body styles after going through the 70s and 80s and inexplicably not changing since the 1940's. 4. A next door neighbor's five year old child said the following to Cameron when in her 20's she pulled up in the Olds: a. "Girl you need to pimp yo ride!!" b. "Why didn't your parents get the Brougham package?" c." May I sit in the velour seats miss?" Answers - a,b,c,a
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