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Energy Monitoring at the Prow

Last month we installed an eMonitor on the Prow, a porch house in the Davis Mountains. This is our first time monitoring an off-the-grid project, and our most remote installation so far. eMonitors track the energy use of individual electric circuits, and transmit the data in real time to an online account where it can be observed and analyzed. Owners can use this feedback to make informed decisions about energy use and save significantly on their energy bills, and we can improve future design decisions based on real data. After a 7 hour drive through west Texas, we arrived in Fort Davis. We...
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Hardberger Park Earns LEED Gold

The Urban Ecology Center, a visitor center and event facility for Phil Hardberger Park in San Antonio, officially earned LEED Gold certification this week. In collaboration with landscape architects Stephen Stimson & Associates and Rialto Studio, the buildings’ architecture and its surrounding landscape perform in concert to teach strategies for sustainable water usage and collection. The program houses office space for the Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy, public restrooms, outdoor classrooms and a large event hall. The center contributes to an already rich and diverse park as well as...
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Don't Go Chasing Rockslides

And there we were… huddled behind a gigantic boulder, shivering, wet, and terrified. This was sure to be the end. It was unbelievable how quickly the status of our trip had changed. One moment we were experiencing a blissful July 4 th afternoon on the Rio Grande, the next we were sitting silently imagining the tragic headlines that might follow our demise: “8 Lake|Flato Employees Die a Catastrophic Death at Big Bend.” Or at least I was. Why I am just now recounting our story is due to the fact that it has taken me this long to process everything that happened. And also I’ve been really busy...
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Washington DC Textures

This past week several LF'ers were in DC for the 2015 GreenBuild Conference. We took in some great sessions and enjoyed seeing the sites. The following are our favorite textures from the week: In the Midnight Garden - Jennifer Angus - Renwick Gallery First Congregational United Church of Christ - Todd Williams and Billie Tsien Architects Renwick Gallery - James Renwick Jr Architect Fountain near 1101 New York Ave Lincoln Memorial Plexus A1 - Gabriel Dawe- Renwick Gallery Statue of Owney the Postal Mascot - National Postal Museum Untitled - Tara Donovan - Renwick Gallery Stamp Archives -...
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Josey Pavilion: Human Scale

For early humans, trees represented safety: being able to see out over the tall grass and spot potential food or predators from a distance. When we came down from the trees and began to live in the savanna, standing up allowed us to see over the grass and regain the higher vantage point that the trees had provided. Even today, millions of years later, we feel most comfortable standing in the shadow of a tree, looking out over our surroundings. This is the site that we chose for the Josey Pavilion, a building nestled up under a tree with expansive views over the grasslands. The buildings are...
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Josey Pavilion: Net Zero Energy

On September 30, 2015, the Josey Pavilion completed its one-year performance period as a net zero energy building, generating 50% more energy than it consumed. During the performance period, Josey consumed 2467 kWh, generated 3697 kWh, and sent a net of 1230 kWh back to the grid. From the beginning of the design process, the Josey Pavilion was conceived as an open air pavilion. Whether it’s 40 degrees in late November with a 20 miles per hour wind sweeping across the prairie or 102 degrees in August, a successful design would allow seasonally dressed occupants to comfortably spend a few hours...
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Vertical vs Horizontal

Today we answer the age-old question that has plagued humanity for centuries: Should east and west-facing windows have vertical or horizontal louvers? We used COMFEN software to test a 20' x 15' room in Austin, Texas with a 10' ceiling. Each room had a floor-to-ceiling west-facing window with a low-E IGU and one of three differently proportioned louvers. Those three louver spacing to louver depth ratios were 1:1, 1:0.67, and 1:0.33. Both vertical and horizontal louvers were tested for heat gain, HVAC energy costs, daylighting, and glare.The results: Horizontal louvers out-perform vertical...
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Construction Administration for Dum[ME]ies

As I have begun my professional career at Lake|Flato by administrating the construction of one of the largest and most complex projects in our firm's history, I find that it is both entertaining and necessary to share what it has been like for a young designer to jump from the pond of architecture school into the deepest ocean of architectural reality. My first day at Lake|Flato was equally overwhelming and wonderful – I still remember each (at the time) unfamiliar but exceptionally friendly face as I was paraded through the office to each and every desk. In the midst of these introductions...
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COTE Cinema

AIA San Antonio's Committee on the Environment (COTE) is hosting a free movie night this week in downtown San Antonio. The outdoor film will take place at Travis Park, and the weather is sure to be beautiful! Please join us and bring friends and family along for a fun and informative night on environmental issues in our community.
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Three is great company

LF's three newest interns are well-adjusted to our family and just had a blast at Flake Lato. Meet Claire, Josh and Wo-Wu! Claire A Dallas, Texas native, Claire Fontaine comes to LF in the fifth year of her Bachelor of Architecture from UT Austin. Naturally, her time in Austin makes Hotel San Jose her favorite LF project. She is currently working on the Eleanor Kolitz Hebrew Language Academy. Claire likes biking and has an appreciation for finding a good swimming hole. She also loves live music shows. Once on Google, Claire discovered that a French paper manufacturer is also named Claire...