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For the Love of Books and Landscapes

The upcoming San Antonio Book Festival is anticipating a huge turn out of bookworms of all ages and nearly 100 authors that will be celebrating literary culture and our mutual love of books! The eclectic mix of national, regional and local writers add to the broad offerings that should satisfy any interest. The Downtown Alliance just named the San Antonio Book Festival as the Best Downtown Event of the year so don't miss it! This free all-day event is being held Saturday April 5th at the Southwest School of the Arts, Empire Theater and the Central Library. If that isn't enticing enough, our...
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Bernard Trainor's New Book

We are currently working with Bernard Trainor and Associates on the Yee Residence in Carmel, CA. A monograph of BTA's work, Landprints , has recently been publish and is available for purchase. Bernard was interviewed about the book and their impressive body of work (link below). It was an interesting read to get me thinking about landscape, site, and context... Enjoy. http://land8.com/profiles/blogs/interview-with-bernard-trainor-1
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salk institute inspiration

This week Bob Harris and I traveled to San Diego for a Sustainability and Design Leaders Workshop; while there we had a chance to visit The Salk Institute for Biological Studies by Louis Kahn. It was my first time to the Salk and I was not disappointed by the buildings restraint and timelessness. Threshold is a reoccurring theme on the campus and it is an intriguing building to explore with a myriad of lookouts and perches. Threshold appears first as a void in the form of giant golden rectangle framing the Pacific Ocean like a stage set. Then through the exterior circulation of the individual...
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Monsters of Design Visit Lake Flato

Last week Vicki, Grace and I were jurors for the AIA Kansas City Young Architects Forum 2014 Monsters of Design Awards. It is 'an annual design competition for young architects and designers in or around the Kansas City metro area' and part of Kansas City Design Week. We had a great time viewing nearly 60 wonderful entries with a lot of range from finished buildings to musical instruments, fonts, art, and even apps. We can't say who the big winners are yet, as they are set to be announced later this week, but we can say we had a terrific time with co-chairs Lindsey and Gavin and were very...
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The Marfa Experience

During my second day, some fellow LFers invited me to spend the weekend in West Texas. Without hesitation I agreed to jump in the car the following day, on a quest to experience Marfa. The odyssey began with six people in a truck and a landscape with lots to keep us entertained.* *The Windmill Game introduced to us by Clay Cottingham. Rules: every time you see a windmill, yell windmill to earn a point for your team. (Go team backseat!!) Upon arrival we were greeted by some Marfa locals at the Museum of Electronic Wonders and late Night Grilled Cheese Parlor. After eating our late night snack...
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Burundi Modernism

While living in East Africa I came across a university campus by a little-known Belgian architect named Roger Bastin. Built in Bujumbura, Burundi from 1950-1961, this campus of concrete and steel was set high upon a hill overlooking the city. Burundi was a colony of Belgium and, like most public projects in the region, the school was meant to be a symbol of colonial rule embodied in the permanence of reinforced concrete. According to the architect, the overt gestures of 1960s modernism were meant to symbolize progress – specifically that the buildings of the future were not bound to...
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In November 2011 we replanted our grass yard with native plantings. This year was less about the plants and more about the new insects and animals that appeared. We had our first Red Hawk sighting (who ate one of the gold fish in the pond) our first Yellow Garden Spiders, and our first group of Hummingbirds. All of the plants continue to do well. Some of our zero maintenance favorites include Big Muhly , Monterrey Oak and Nolina Texana . See the overview of year two below. Maximilian Sunflower, Twist Leaf Yucca Gregg's Mistflower, Horse-Crippler Cactus Newly created bird's nest in Mexican...
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LA side trips

Last year, I escaped to Venice Beach, California for a prenatal workshop with my favorite yoga teacher. My sojourn by the sea consisted of morning yoga classes and afternoons walks by the sea with a few further away excursions. One highlight was a visit to dosa 818 . dosa is a clothing, accessories + housewares line designed by Christina Kim. I've admired Christina's designs for a while now and make a point of stopping by Tienda M whenever I am in Marfa. The (appointment only) studio in LA takes up the entire 7th floor of the Wurlitzer Building, a beautiful old building at 850 South Broadway...
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Cameron and I continue our Travels to Cold Bike Races Series having attended the US National Cyclocross Championships in Boulder, Colorado last weekend. While in Boulder we took in the races, some local architecture, and visited friends. Katie Compton taking control of the women's pro race above. Jeremy Powers powering his way to the men's pro championship. Why run the stairs when you can ride them? Former San Antonio Environment Reporter Colin McDonald gets enthusiastic for the race (reflection). We visited former LF'ers Kimberly Drennan (pictured) and Rob Pyatt at their awesome new offices...