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In November 2011 we replanted our grass yard with native plantings. This year was less about the plants and more about the new insects and animals that appeared. We had our first Red Hawk sighting (who ate one of the gold fish in the pond) our first Yellow Garden Spiders, and our first group of Hummingbirds. All of the plants continue to do well. Some of our zero maintenance favorites include Big Muhly, Monterrey Oak and Nolina Texana. See the overview of year two below. year2-01 Maximilian Sunflower, Twist Leaf Yucca year2-02 Gregg's Mistflower, Horse-Crippler Cactus year2-03 Newly created bird's nest in Mexican Plum, Big Pete before his encounter with the red hawk year2-04 First cedar berries, Mexican Buckeye changing color year2-06 Water lily, Cochineal beetles first appearance See year one here.
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