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New Year's Resolutions for Architects

It's the close of the first week back at work in the new year, and like everyone else, many of us at LF have been reflecting on and chatting about goals we're undertaking to make our personal, family and professional lives more enriching and productive than the previous year. This year, we broadened our frame of new-year's-resolution-thought and contemplated things we — and others in the architecture/design/green building/urban planning/(and on and on) community — could do to improve the profession as a whole. We also thought it would be productive to include inspiration from some industry blogs for getting started — since that seems to be, naturally, the most difficult part of resolutions every year. LF'ers present, New Year's Resolutions for Architects: Technology.  1. My recommended new year’s resolution for the Architectural community would be to create a BIM Project Execution Plan for all new projects. — LF'er Eric 2. Purge unused Revit items. Also, clean your project files everyday – don’t let the clutter build until it becomes overwhelming to deal with. — LF’er Brian C. Green Building.  3. Participate in the AIA’s 2030 Commitment. — LF'er Graham 4. Design and construct buildings to reduce their energy consumption by at least 70% compared to the average for that building type. Track actual performance to ensure that energy goals are met. — LF’er Heather 5. We should inspire our clients to protect the natural world we build upon. Simple architecture that touches the ground lightly. — LF’er Michael B. Our cities. 6. Champion the design of better urban infrastructure that meets the needs of bikers and pedestrians. And no more right turns on red! — LF’er JoBeth 7. No. More. Parking. Lots. — LF’er Cam 8. Help more people buy electric cars in 2016 – let’s usher in the era of sustainable transport!!! — LF’er / In-House Tesla Aficionado, Greg  Health. 9. Stand at least 6 hours a day. — LF’ers Casey & Rebecca 10. Design more intriguing / engaging staircases so people use them. — LF’ers Casey & Rebecca (great minds think alike) 11. Consider acoustics in design decisions — we rarely talk (or hear) about how architecture sounds. — LF'er Corey 12. Stop procrastinating! Take one step towards project goals, even if it is mapping out the steps you need to take to accomplish the task at hand. You can minimize stress by being prepared. — LF’er Kristen Creativity. 13. Take more design risks; experiment with different materials, technology, strategies... — LF’er Rebecca 14. Make the time and space to stretch your designer arms and legs. Invite folks around the office to a charrette on your project, enter a design competition, make something! Make opportunities to regularly think outside the box, and see the effort invigorate your work. — LF’er Seema 15. Be inspired by experiences outside of the profession. Go hiking or fishing, and look for inspiration outdoors. Sign up for a class discovering art with a different medium. Make time to explore a new hobby! — LF'ers Jessica V., Denise and Hillary 16. Make time to sketch or watercolor every day. — LF Intern Josh Engage. 17. Take time to regularly validate people in life. It’s easy to take important people in your life for granted including co-workers, especially if you see them every day. Taking the time to let people around you know how important they are on occasion will make you feel good and strengthen the relationship with the individual and with the team. — LF'er Gwen Foster a Culture of Gratitude | Harvard Business Review 18. Make time to have lunch with other fellow architects in the office. —  LF'er Karla 19. Expand your horizons – meet and network with others outside of the Profession. —  LF’er Jessica V.   20. Create opportunities to get out from behind your desk and talk about your work with coworkers, whether it is getting a partner to tell some war stories of past clients, lessons learned from CA or discussing new goals. Take the time to discuss your firm’s values together and be active in how you shape your firm’s culture of design through regular conversations. —  LF’er Seema Advocate. 21. Cross-Mentor others  the professional world at this point in time is invigorated with the talents of everyone  from the pragmatic approach that comes with “tested” experience to the “out of the box” thinking that accompanies a fresh approach to a problem; from the collected wisdom of experience to the nimble abilities of those raised in the technological age  we are all mentors to one another. — LF’er Karla 22. Join a non-profit board or committee. Architects have much to offer in solving the complex problems of non-profits, and you will learn more about the challenges of running an organization than you could in a lifetime as an architect. Find a group that aligns with your interests and contact them...most of the time they need help in some capacity and will welcome you with open arms. Your efforts will support a cause you believe in, help you build a variety of skills that overlap with your work, and increase your professional network.  Win win win! —  LF’er Ryan Y. 23. Resolve to make some resolutions! — LF'er Bill We agree! What are your New Year's resolutions for architects?
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