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Restaurant Review: Cakery Bakery

Every city needs a great downtown sandwich shop. Forbes magazine (and others) claimed recently that San Antonio has one of the best downtowns in the country. While this was a questionable decision at best (likely informed by the thousands of tourists happily teetering along the riverwalk every night) there are highlights to the center of San Antonio. Want proof? Go to The Cakery Bakery. Located at the base of The Exchange Building, a listed building and Lake Flato renovation project, this small lunch spot immediately appeals. The classic storefront design and intimate interior remind me of small cafes in New York or San Francisco. No-one is at the door begging you to enter and the menu is delightfully simple. A small group of Lake Flatonians have eaten there twice this week and on both occasions we were amazed by the quality of the food and the affordable prices. So what did we get? Well on our first visit, Gus, David and Rand each ordered the Mac and Cheese Panini. No, that's not a typo. An interesting idea and apparently a highly satisfactory one although it may not align with your New Year's Resolution. I ordered the cilantro chicken panini amd corn chowder for a total of $7. The panini was the best sandwich I've had in San Antonio and the corn chowder was just about perfect. On my next visit, we all ordered different items and while I was expecting to be dissapointed (I'm a pessimist through and through) I wasn't. Adding to the fact that the food is wonderful, the owner, who I believe is called Doreen, is living proof of southern hospitality. If you're looking for a fancy lunch, don't come here. If you want Mexican, don't come here. But, if you want an affordable and superb soup or sandwich then go to The Cakery Bakery. It will restore your belief in downtown San Antonio.
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