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New Precedent!

Look out, we’ve got some new forms coming your way! Lake/Flato Architects is known for using traditional vernacular forms as a basis for its body of regionally-specific, yet modern, architecture. On a recent tour of LF ranches, we discovered some striking new roof shapes in San Saba, Texas. As the creep of suburbia’s tendrils have left virtually no area untouched, we find that forms traditionally associated with strip mall chic are becoming more and more rooted in these places. How long until we consider these things part of a regional style? We think that time is now. So first up on our...
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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Lake|Flato employees are participating in a Big Brothers Big Sisters workplace mentoring program with Bonham elementary students. Here is a photo from last Tuesday's kickoff ceremony at UTSA for Mayor Julian Castro's Mentoring Matters program. Notice that Brantley looks like the Mayor's personal bodyguard.
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Better Know an LFer: Betsy Johnson

Get to know our staff, updated weekly. Hometown: Denton, TX. It's awesome. Years at LF: 6- Started in 2004, off to Denver for a year, then back for more! Achilles Heel: Homemade chocolate pudding Happiest Place: Surrounded by family Memorable Book: Cry the Beloved Country Prized Possession: An old gateleg table, carted over from west Texas by my great-grandmother Current Obsession: Taking too many photos of my new baby Last Accomplishment: Giving birth!! Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Giant cypress trees along the river...and margaritas! Fate or Chance? Either way, take advantage of the...
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Better Know an LFer: Sam Pepper

Get to know our staff with the same 10 questions we always ask. Hometown: London Years at LF: 1/3 Achilles Heel: Expensive Beers at the Monterey - pretending I have more money than I really do. Happiest Place: Sailing on the southern coast of England with my father. Memorable Book: A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit Prized Possession: This is pathetic but probably my external hard drive. I would collapse in a heap of misery if something happened to that. Current Obsession: Putting everything in a tortilla. Last Accomplishment: I am reasonably competent at Revit now. Seems like...
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Restaurant Review: Feast

Feast appears to be a slightly miscalculated name for a rather expensive tapas restaurant. A new—and very shiny—addition to the Southtown scene, it joins several new establishments that focus on appetizer-sized portions designed for sharing. We (a group of local Lake Flatonians) descended upon the restaurant on a Friday, hoping to be blown away by our new neighbor. Every restaurant owner should fear serving a group of very particular architects. The décor is distinctive and for the first few minutes that is all that was discussed. While it doesn’t fit into the local style, whitewashing the...
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Throwing Stones Inside Glass Pavillions

So a couple of weeks ago I made a trip up to Detroit to photograph a project. There aren’t too many flight options to there from San Antonio and so I had the choice of getting there too early or too late. I chose the first option and used the extra time I had to go on a side trip down to Toledo. I wanted to see the new Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art and knew I probably wasn’t going to have any other reason to visit Toledo unless I made a special trip. Designed by Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA), it’s a compelling building that begins with a simple...
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Ranches + Ribs

It's field trip time! Lake|Flato will be headed to North Texas this weekend for a "Ranches and Ribs" themed office field trip. Check out a few of the Lake|Flato projects that we will be stopping at along the way: Cutting Horse Ranch , Cross Timbers Ranch , Air Barns .
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SpongeBob CanPants for San Antonio Food Bank

Check out the Lake Flato team building SpongeBob CANPants at this year's Canstruction event. You can donate to the San Antonio Food Bank here:
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Better Know an LFer: Brian Korte

Get to know our staff, weekly. Hometown: San Antonio Years at LF: +/- 14 Achilles Heel: Bill Miller's Sweet Tea Happiest Place: Bill Miller's Drive Thru Memorable Book: Star Wars: The Blueprints Prized Possession: Appa (my dog) Current Obsession: October it. Last Accomplishment: Winning the winery over stiff competition Favorite Thing about San Antonio: The dry heat Fate or Chance? It'll just have to be okay.
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Grackles Ride for MS

Bob, Thomas, Brian, Rebecca, Matt and Jonathan (in order frm left to right) rode the annual MS "Alamo Ride to the River" over the weekend. The weather and ride were near perfect! So far, these six Lake|Flato Grackles have raised more than $4,200 for MS. They are still not done fundraising as the team is at $45,000 and hopes to make $50,000. Any support is much appreciated, make donations to individual riders here . Thank you Lake|Flato for your support of the Grackles!