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Who was Harriet Pattison?

"We previously knew Harriet Pattison through bits and pieces.... But now an oral history project sheds more light on Harriet Pattison’s life and work. As part of an ongoing oral history series on landscape architects, the D.C. based nonprofit the Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) is releasing a 93-minute oral history on Harriet Pattison . In 32 wide-ranging clips, Pattison reveals how she approached her work, life, and Kahn. The series begins with her growing up in Chicago, through her opening of a private practice, to her major works like the Hershey Company Headquarters."
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Get to Know the Interns

LF's four newest interns have been here for a while and are well-acclimated to the Lake|Flato lifestyle. Here's the Dogrun-exclusive on Adam, Emilie, Alistair and Elijah. Adam Heisserer Hometown: Plano, Texas Alma Mater: University of Texas at Arlington - Masters in Architecture Favorite LF project: El Cosmico Current LF project you’re working on: All of them! Hobbies: Planting pumpkins in public spaces in the dead of night only to have them ripped out by groundskeepers once they get big... Interesting fact about yourself: I’ve recorded what color shirt I’ve worn every day...
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Meet Ryn

Ryn is always glowing. It could be the darkest, rainiest day and she still has enough sunny demeanor and charm to get through it and brighten the rest of us around her. Though animated with a subtle quick wit that could make even the Grinch laugh in conversation, Ryn is sharply focused. She thoughtfully pieces together modules and connecting outdoor porches and corridors in LF's porch house studio as though they are patchwork squares in a carefully stitched together tapestry. You can tell from her demeanor that she's not afraid of a challenge — Ryn will artfully tackle anything you send her...
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Liftfund Daylight Testing

Last year, we went to the new LiftFund Headquarters in San Antonio to collect daylighting measurements. Collecting real data tells us how accurate our daylighting simulation was, and gives us invaluable information about which strategies are working and which are not. First, we mark off a 5‐foot grid in every regularly occupied space and take a measurement of footcandles at each point with a light meter. Measurements are typically taken at 9 AM or 3 PM, near one of two solar equinoxes. Each data point is entered in Excel, and the missing points are extrapolated from the data we have. Then we...
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New Year's Resolutions for Architects

It's the close of the first week back at work in the new year, and like everyone else, many of us at LF have been reflecting on and chatting about goals we're undertaking to make our personal, family and professional lives more enriching and productive than the previous year. This year, we broadened our frame of new-year's-resolution-thought and contemplated things we — and others in the architecture/design/green building/urban planning/(and on and on) community — could do to improve the profession as a whole. We also thought it would be productive to include inspiration from some industry...