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Lakeside Retreat

Horseshoe Bay, TX

The design for this relaxed weekend retreat was informed by its compact sloping site, close proximity to neighbors, and direct waterfront access. Aided by the fall of the terrain, the house’s one-story profile conceals a transparent two-story lake façade, open to the primary lake views. Cantilevered porches offset the bermed structure of the main house with a lighter, floating tree house effect. The southern screened porch, coupled with native landscaping, offers privacy from neighbors while permitting cooling breezes and filtered daylight. LEED certified, Lakeside Retreat thoughtfully incorporates native materials as well as passive and active design strategies.
Photography: Frank Ooms

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[The] Horseshoe Bay residence makes the most of its topography and surroundings by being perfectly situated to capture the stunning watery vistas...Green lawns, native trees and drought-resistant plants ...make the transition from home to lake seamless.
Charlotte Safavi
Contributor, Luxe Interiors + Design, Austin & Hill Country