Eco-Conservation Ulery's Lake Cabins of
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Ulery's Lake Cabins

Big Sky, Montana

Nestled in an intimate forested site near the gateway to Yellowstone National Park,  the Ulery Lake Cabin development is a community of 16 cabins designed to connect people to the majestic mountain landscape. Meant for year-round habitation, the cabins serve as an intimate outpost for active outdoor families. 

Care was taken to minimize disturbance of the surrounding landscape while integrating sound alpine building practices with a modern approach. The cabin’s dark exterior stain is meant to blend with the surrounding tree trunks of the site’s 70-year-old trees, and inland cedar is used on the interior ceilings for warmth. The roof of the cabins matches the slope of the site, blending it seamlessly into the landscape with only the edge of the roof peeking out from the lake downhill. Windows in the living areas frame views to Ulery’s Lake and Lone Mountain as a serene backdrop.



UlerysLake_Site Plan2.jpg





Photographer: Christian Columbres