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Park City Arts & Culture District

Park City, UT

The Park City Arts and Culture District is a partnership between Sundance Film Festival, Kimball Art Center, and City of Park City. The district transforms an industrial brownfield site, formerly used for the disbursement of mining tailings, into a vibrant community-centric destination focused on the arts and the role they play in the evolving identity of Park City.
The district is a fully integrated mixed use community with artist housing, affordable live/work units, creative studios, performance and exhibition spaces, headquarters for local arts institutions and retail activating outdoor rooms and plazas throughout the year. A food hall showcasing a diversity of culinary arts draws people to the heart of the site day and night. The district serves as a key walkable urban linkage tying together formerly disconnected surrounding neighborhoods, integrating into and completing the city’s extensive bicycle, trail and transit networks. The project is designed to meet net- zero energy and water needs for all City programs. An amphitheater and outdoor plazas provide flexibility for the Sundance Film Festival and other large and small event gatherings while also creating engaging and lively community cultural space year-round. 
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