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Longhorns Take Over

Good news! We have new arrivals in the form of three interns and one design architect. From the left: Sameer Rayyan joins us from the MArch program at the University of Virginia. After externing with us over the winter, he is back due to his enjoyment of Taco Truck Fridays. Projects like Hill Country Jacal also may have been reasons why he wanted to work with Lake|Flato. Unfortunately he is the odd one out in a group of UT Austin Longhorns. hook 'em horns \m/ Jacqueline Fisher is here for her BArch residency at the University of Texas and appreciates Lake|Flato's awareness of place and landscape including material use. She is ready for a good two-step partner, preferably while hanging out by a body of water or cooking. Phil Zimmerman returns to us as permanent staff after finishing graduate school at UT Austin (undergrad at Pennsylvania State). Previously an intern, Phil understands and appreciates the awesome nightlife of San Antonio and also missed the people at Lake|Flato. Awww. His pastime is changing baby Dean's diapers. Matthew Hlavinka has gathered his MArch from Massachusetts College of Art & Design after doing undergrad at UT Austin and fell in love with projects like Dog Team Too. He is also an avid designer and builder of furniture. Welcome to you all!
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