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LF Says Goodbye to Fearless Pedestrian Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is a fearless and surprising adventurer wrapped up in an unflappable calm and cheerful exterior. She traveled way down to Texas  site unseen  from Canada for an internship with Lake|Flato. She’d never set foot in this state before but took to this place and our wacky firm culture right away, as if our heat and humidity were second nature. She owns no car, and bicycles everywhere. She said yes when we asked her to join the Knox College Art Building design team and quickly mastered the wild ride of Construction Documents production, keeping our team insanely organized, on track and in high spirits. She possesses a massive manila folder that she assembled completely by her own free will, full of detailed communications and complex design requests from our client, and she knows the whole thing backward and forward. I don’t know where our team would be without her. Her skills as a designer, logician, and Revit master are unparalleled. The fact that she can do all this and never let her pulse rise above 40 bpm is a testament not just to her greatness as an intern but to all Canadians everywhere. But the absolute most daring thing she did during her internship here was to travel by bus to Corpus Christi, Texas — again site unseen — with the noble goal of enjoying a weekend coastal getaway there entirely as a pedestrian. It was the first time anyone has attempted this in the past 100 years I believe, and I think she even had a good time. Her next trip on the horizon I hear is a journey to Knox College in central Illinois one year from now to see the completed art building that she is currently pouring so much design energy into. And I can attest that Galesburg, Illinois is in fact a place where you really can have a pretty good time as a pedestrian, even though Kaitlyn can find a way to do that regardless. — Lewis McNeel Hometown: Bedford, Nova scotia, Canada Years at LF: 7 Month Internship Favorite LF Project: Knox Art College, of course Achilles Heel: Sarah’s homemade Puppy Chow (chocolate, peanut butter, icing sugar + Chex cereal) Happiest Place: Anywhere on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, NS Memorable Book: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey Prized Possession: A childhood blanket that’s still kickin’ Current Obsession: Coconut Oil used for everything! Last Accomplishment: does getting this job count? Favorite Thing about San Antonio: tubing on the river + friendly spot giant cookies Fate or Chance: Chance
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