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Field Report: Shower Houses for the Boy Scouts

In 2009, the Boy Scouts of America purchased 10,600 acres of land in West Virginia adjacent to the New River Gorge National River area and began creating 'The Summit' to host their flagship event - Jamboree. The National Scout Jamboree gathers approximately 45,000 scouts, leaders and staff for 10 days every four years to enjoy activities such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, bouldering, mountain biking, etcetera. Lake|Flato (project team: Brian Comeaux and Rebecca Bruce) is involved with the designing the Visitor Center and all the Shower Houses that will be located thoughout the camps where scouts will stay during Jamboree. The scale and extent of The Summit is massive - over 300 individual Shower Houses are planned to be built. Here you can see nine 'neighorhoods' of campsites, which contain three Shower Houses each. Each 'neighborhood' serves 400 people and is the gathering place for Scouts throughout their Jamboree experience. Our concept was to make Shower Houses that were exactly the same but arranged thoughtfully on site to capture unique aspects of the place, provide variety to individualize neighborhoods, and create space for hanging out in the otherwise fairly open and exposed environment. Shower Houses marching along the edge of the area for tents. A quick view of a prototypical neighborhood in Revit gives a sense of scale to the Shower Houses. The wood wall panels are made from hemlock boards with EcoWood Treatment to allow them to weather naturally and remain maintenance free for years to come.
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