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Digital Pin-up: 2001 Odyssey Porch House

2001 Odyssey, located in Wimberly, TX is a family retreat featuring Porch House modules and site specific components. The setbacks have created a small buildable area on the heavily wooded triangular lot. To help negotiate the terrain, a retaining wall runs the length of the small bluff and pushes the house further down the site and away from the bordering road. A wood slat wall faces west to help cut down the low angled sun and allows for planting to grow. The main axis is to the river where the family spends most of their time, while a secondary axis along the wood slat wall functions as entry to each of the units. Both Living and Masterbed modules act as tree house rooms with views along the river, while a Two Bedroom module serves as guest rooms for the rest of the family.Total conditioned space is 1880 sf, with an additional 1780 sf of decking and porches. See some of the images from the concept presentation below. Above: floor plan Above: site analysis Above: view from entry Above: view of main living porch Above: interior living Above: view along entry portal Above: view from northeast Above: view from the river
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