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CPS Energy SunCredit Revision

Coming soon to a solar panel near you, CPS will be revising its current SunCredit paid to customers who generate solar power. Currently CPS Energy pays and average of 9 cents/kWh which will be decreasing to 5.6 cents/kWh on November 1, 2013. The change comes in an attempt to balance the cost burden for infrastructure which is currently heavier on customers without solar. The prices for solar energy generation are based on current market values so as a result, the SunCredit will be subject to change annually. Current solar customers and those who apply for interconnection prior to April 26, 2013 will be grandfathered to continue on the net metering program through 2023. This change, will not impact the CPS Energy rebates for installing solar systems. To learn more, see the CPS Energy News Release here.
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