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Better Know an LF'er: Mitch, Catherine, and Steven

We have amassed some new interns in the past several months and we are excited to introduce them to our readers. All of them have diverse passions, varied interests, quirky talents and all have been a great fit to our growing LF team. Let’s meet them! Mitch What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on at LF? I've been focused on development projects in SA's urban core. They're all going to be great projects — I can already tell. I like the idea of them; starting new catalysts downtown. That’s a big reason I came to LF, to do projects like that. What is the Battle of Flowers? I know we got that day off at school. I don’t remember what it was, or why, but we definitely got that day off. Growing up in San Antonio perks. Do you play music? I’ve played piano since third grade, guitar since fourth grade, then I taught myself to play drums four or five years ago. I had my own garage band in high school. The bands name was Common Ground. We had one hit single, I wrote it, and we won battle of the bands three times. What are your aspirations for the rest of your career? Finish my B.Arch at UT, get my post-professional master’s somewhere outside of Texas, and eventually start my own  firm (maybe back in Texas or elsewhere)… First impressions of Catherine? She’s super nice and made me feel welcomed my first week, is that a Canadian thing? First impressions of Steven? Fun person to build a model with. He loves architecture…A LOT. Can you draw Texas? Can you draw the Canadian flag? m11 - Copy   Catherine Favorite place in Canada? My hometown, Montreal. And Vancouver, on the other side of the country. I like Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island. Do you have a band, like Mitch? I play the ukulele. Actually, when I play the ukulele on my balcony, a cat comes sometimes. His name is Blade. What’s your favorite place in San Antonio? Senor Veggie. And Hardberger Park, because I basically live in it. What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on at LF? The G House! I got to design stuff. And the F House, where I learned everything about details. (Author's note: it seems we have a house project for every letter of the alphabet.) Your interests? Obsessions? Vegan recipes? Insert self-promo here: First impressions of Mitch? He likes Mexican food. Good. First impressions of Steven? This person is twice my size, and probably more than twice my strength… Can you draw Texas? Can you draw the Canadian flag? c1 - Copy   Steven Tell us about your Italy trip. Pictures of Italy do not do it justice. You see pictures of the Oculus in the Pantheon all the time, but it looks twice as big in person. The Colosseum was unimaginable. One of the most breathtaking views was the St. Peter’s Basilica. The Sistine Chapel was really great, but it was elbow to elbow, and you can’t take pictures. It’s not serene at all. Favorite place in San Antonio? I wanna say “my apartment”, but that’s lame... What’s the best decade of music? I’d say the 80’s. What work are you most proud of doing at Lake Flato so far? New Braunfels Residence. What are your aspirations for the rest of your career? To not work for "The Man." Obsessions? Spongebob. What would you do if not architecture? Astronomy. First impressions of Catherine? A French replica of a college friend. First impressions of Mitch? My brother’s Doppelganger. Can you draw Texas? Can you draw the Canadian flag? s1 - Copy    
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