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Joe just rocks. On our design team, Joe has been a “speak-softly-but-carry-a-big-stick” type of teammate; no matter what he’s tasked with, he jumps in after minimal explanation, swiftly gets the job done, and is ready for more before you know it. He’s never afraid to ask questions, but rarely needs to—he’s a very quick learner with a broad skill set, and seemingly endless patience. During his half-year here, Joe has helped cut hundreds of little foam core blocks for models, drawn thousands of tiny circles for a perforated screen pattern, prepared millions of plan iterations for David Lake…ok maybe I exaggerate, but only a little. Joe always stays until the job is done, and on top of that has also helped to set up every Tuesday lunch-and-learn for our office. Joe has done a lot in his time here, all with a very positive can-do, no-complaints, get-er-done attitude. When he returns to finish his degree in St Louis, Joe will be sorely missed by our project team among others. And I know I will never learn more about Clif bars from anyone. Did you know that Joe has friends that make Clif bar art? Just ask—he won’t shout, but he’ll always tell a good story. - Ashley Heeren   Hometown: Sacramento, California Years at LF: 6 Months Favorite LF Project: Livestrong Achilles Heel: Pozole Happiest Place: My dreams Memorable Book: Wool Prized Possession: Phone Current Obsession: EDM Last Accomplishment: Organized my books Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Mexican food and LF Fate or Chance: Chance
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