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Better Know an LFer: Gus Starkey

"Gus drives a Jeep which makes him a little like John Byrd. Gus also wears a hat which makes him a little like Matt Morris. He went to the University of Washington which makes him a little bit like Matt Wallace, and he's a great guy to have on your team...which means he is nothing like Chris Krajcer." -Steve Raike   Hometown: Kerrville, TX [K-Vegas - The heart of the Hill Country] Years at LF: [8 months full-time] + [1 year internship] Current Project: Austin Central Library / Kickapoo Porch House Favorite LF Project: Bartlit Residence / Air Barns / Dog Team many I want to include....guess that's why I wanted to work here! Achilles Heel: Insomnia...why do I stay up so late??? Happiest Place: The 6S Ranch [my family's ranch]...the one place I can go to escape it all Memorable Book: The Giving Tree Prized Possession: The furniture I made with my own two hands...really no better way to spending a summer than in the woodshop! Current Obsession: Texas Country Music Last Accomplishment: Finishing my Master's Thesis Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Y'all here at LF! Fate or Chance: Fate...although sometimes you got to take a chance...
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