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B4B is back!

What better way to start off a Friday than with waffles, polka music and reducing our carbon emissions?  Our first Bike4Breakfast of the year was a success with the seasonal appearance of the always popular nectarine! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Why is bicycle commuting so important? Here is a quick comparison of building energy to commuting energy: • The typical office building uses 80kBtu/sf/yr (Ours uses 100kBtu/sf/yr), and office buildings usually work out to 1 employee per 300sf (ours is 125sf). Here we use about 12,500 kBtu/employee/yr. If we were to make our office 50% more efficient, we would save ~6,000 kBtu/employee/yr • The average American using a car to commute will consume 200 gallons of gasoline /yr. 1 gal = 100kBtu. So driving to work uses 20,000 kBtu/yr of gasoline, 160% of everyone’s energy share of the building! If everyone bikes to work, we would decrease the total energy of the building + commute by 62%. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES ....and the results: •22 bicycles in the office •19 empty parking spots With all that empty space we could turn the parking lot into a waffle bakery, allowing us to bike for breakfast every day! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
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