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AIA Climate Action Business Playbook - Introduction

We are excited to announce the release of the AIA Climate Action Business Playbook. This resource was created by Lake|FlatoBuro HappoldSustainable Performance Instituteunabridged Architecture.

Screen capture of AIA website showing the new AIA Climate Action Business Playbook landing page

Project Team

The project team included:

FYI: Aurora and Varun worked at Buro Happold during this project.


The AIA Climate Action Business Playbook (CABP) is meant to parallel the AIA Framework for Design Excellence. Where the framework is primarily focused on project delivery, the CABP places more emphasis on business practices that can support climate action. And, to create a well-rounded resource, CABP has a section on project delivery (called Portfolio). Finally, there is a section called Impact which occupies an overlapping area between the Firm and Portfolio sections.


Here is the overall organization:

Graphic outline of the resource

Introduction: An urgent challenge, a looming deadline


  • Transform Leadership & Practice 
  • Embody Climate Action in Studio Operations
  • Communicate Key Principles


  • Goal Setting: Aim High
  • Measure Progress & Successes
  • Planning for Change


  • Participate & Advocate
  • Sustain Research & Innovation
  • Elevate All Voices
  • Expand Education


Related to the sections and "chapters", Here is an interesting matrix we created on intersections with other recourses...

Intersections with other recourses matrix

Like the Framework, the Climate Action Business Playbook is organized into several tiles on the AIA website, as shown below.

AIA Climate Action Business Playbook - Tiles

Each tile is then organized into four sub-sections:

  • Foundations (e.g., see first image below)
  • Best practices (e.g., see second image below)
  • High impact
  • Resources

Climate Action Business Playbook - Foundations sub-section

Climate Action Business Playbook - Best Practices sub-section

The document also includes a glossary for key terms used throughout the playbook.

AIA Climate Action Business Playbook - Glossary

SME Meetings

During the development of the playbook, the AIA curated several subject matter experts (SME) which convened for meetings early in the process, to help formulate/validate the content and high-level organization.

We used Miro, a live online collaboration board, for these SME sessions and for our own team meetings/organization. The image below shows a zoomed-out view of the workspace, which has everything from post-it-type notes to free-hand sketches!

Image showing example of Miro board at a high level

Link: AIA Climate Action Business Playbook



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