Porch House HiFAB Haciendas of
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HiFAB Haciendas

Dallas, TX

HiFAB is a modular construction startup that aims to create affordable and well-designed factory-built homes. This venture is the brainchild of former Dallas developer Brent Jackson, with homes designed by Lake|Flato. This significant collaboration is tackling challenges associated with high construction prices, aiming to provide well-designed, energy efficient and affordable housing to more people. With HiFab's venture into prefabrication, Lake|Flato is leveraging new technology to reach a broader audience through streamlined, pre-designed homes that express Lake|Flato's enduring design qualities of nature, place, craft, and restraint.

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Creating a well-designed home is one thing, but successfully launching a modular home startup that can produce and sell at scale is no small task. . . . [The Haciendas'] restrained, sophisticated design is a refreshing alternative to the typical volume-based housing commodity.
Andrew Barnes, AIA
Texas Architect