Eco-Conservation Margaret Hance Park of
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Margaret Hance Park

Phoenix, AZ

The Margaret T. Hance Park is an existing 32 acre urban site over the US Interstate Highway 10 within Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The redevelopment of Hance park focused on transforming the existing park into a vibrant civic space and urban park that serves as a catalyst for the physical, social and economic health of the Phoenix metropolitan community.

Emphasis was placed on improving pedestrian access to enhance connectivity within the community of Phoenix. The focus was also placed on improving the identity of the park. The improved image was achieved through the implementation of sustainable initiatives, upgraded amenities, and enhanced programming. The strong identity the city desired for the park became a reality through the implementation of community and event spaces. The park will have the capability to host concerts and outdoor performances as well as provide shade structures for event gathering. The park hosts a variety of opportunities for visitors to experience the warm Pheonix climate year-round. Pedestrians have the opportunity to enjoy exercise and playscape amenities as well as bike share systems.



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