We have developed the videos below as a vehicle for sharing the Lake|Flato story, ethos and culture. These brief vignettes celebrate our design roots in connecting to the landscape which inspire us at every turn. They pay tribute to our relationships with visionary collaborators seeking not just a building structure, but an integral community presence where the lines between indoor and outdoor are fluid and design is thoughtful and experiential. And they demonstrate the vibrant DNA we enjoy as a family of design artists that emphasizes collaborative leadership, creative talent and community involvement—all contributing to a unique culture that has remained the cornerstone of the firm.

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    The messages and themes are genuine and a true reflection of the work, people and culture of Lake|Flato. Perhaps that's what I have enjoyed the most about the videos — their authenticity.
    Kim E. Shinn, PE, LEED Fellow, CxA, BEMP
    Principal, TLC Engineering for Architecture, Inc.


    Porch House: A Modular Approach


    Lake|Flato: Porch House

    Lake|Flato: Porch House