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Vibrant Fairview

Houston, TX

Healthy, wholesome ingredients are at the heart of this 2,500 square foot restaurant in Houston, TX, which Lake|Flato is adapting from a 1960s cleaners. Envisioned as an “oasis for the community,” the project centers around the food and the garden, for which the architecture serves as backdrop. An exterior dining space nestles within a new courtyard carved out of the existing building. New openings in the walls– one tall along the north, one low and long along the south – bring in natural light, each framing a different garden experience. Inside, banquettes create natural seating zones, and a coffee bar anchors the space, with the kitchen as the terminus. Lake|Flato is working closely with the owner to refine the interiors in a way that complements both the culinary experience and the quirkiness of the original building. In collaboration with Ten Eyck Landscape Architects.

Photography: Luis Ayala

Before and After Design

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